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[Stadium] [Editor] Paragon League - Chase Track Competition

Posted: 23 Aug 2015, 22:05
by haenry
You might have heard of Paragon League, currently the biggest cup organizer in ShootMania. During the past year almost 10 000 euros have been given out in the Paragon League SM cups, and now the organisation is looking to start a new era in TrackMania...
The Paragon League Chase Cups!

The new gamemode by Nadeo, Chase, introduces a new dimension and true teamplay to TrackMania. Teams of three must communicate and concentrate as the last player through a checkpoint must be the first to pass the next checkpoint.

As Chase features player-to-player interaction, the same map pool will suffice for a long time compared to other modes, but this also means the maps have to be very good. Therefore we're hosting a competition over on Mania Exchange, to find nine perfect Chase maps.

If you want to read more about the track competition and details on how to submit a map, follow this link: ... on?page=-1