Nascar Racing League 2017

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Nascar Racing League 2017

Post by Martelprod » 08 Feb 2017, 20:18

Nascar Racing Team (NRT) presents you the NRL 2017.


Register here

Biggest Nascar Competition, starts in 10 days weeks for its 10th year,and 4rd year on SRE title.
It follows the Nascar Sprint Cup raced in USA, and takes same rules.
The Nascar Sprint Cup is called this year : Monster Energy NASCAR Cup

NRL 2017 is played from Feb. 19th to Dec. 2nd, every Sunday and first Saturday of each month.

3 Cups in NRL

Stadium Cup : Sundays, 18:35 CE(s)T, Classic Nascar tracks without borders, 50 laps (25-35 min).
Made with SRE Stadium blocks.

Sprint Cup : Sundays, 19:35 CE(s)T, Sprint Tracks inspired by real Nascar Tracks, 50-100 laps (25-40 min).
With pistops. Made with SRE Island blocks.

Endurance Cup : First Saturdays of each month, 18:35 CE(s)T, Fun and long tracks, 50 laps (90-120 min).
With Pitsops. Made with SRE Island blocks.

Schedule 2017 : or

You only need to have TM²Stadium for playing all NRL Cups, and install Stadium Racing Evolution (SRE) title available in the STORE.
Registration is necessary for Individual leader-boards and team registration (in individual profiles) for team leader-boards.
Races Infos (servers, passwords,prices,....) by NRL emails.
If you are already registered from past years, no need again.

Planets to win every race.

Any help/request about SRE title, NRL races, NRL ROC, NRL Events.....

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