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Speedball Fun Cups!

Post by HYPE » 20 Aug 2017, 13:56

Hey everyone,

The Speedball community is presenting you the new Speedball Fun Cups! It will take place every wednesday at 8 pm CEST from now on.
In this cups you can easily participate without having a team. You just have to join the Speedball discord and sign up on the current spreadsheet. When the cup starts random teams of all players which signed up will be formed. You will be informed about your two teammates then. However, the teams will still be balanced, so that you won't end up in a total noob or totaly overpowered team.

After you will be informed on discord which server you and your team has to join and against which team you will have to fight. Furthermore the bracket for the cup will also be linked on discord where you can see which maps you have to play. Like the teams the maps for each match will also be chosen by random. We also provide free voice channels for you and your team on our discord, so the rest is up to you.
Communicate with your team, play better than your opponents and win the Speedball Fun Cup!

The idea behind this Cup is the chance for everyone to participate and to play with good and experienced players. Through the fact that the teams are random and balanced we expect intense and interesting matches with new teams every week.
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