[Shootmania Obstacle] One Shot Cup

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[Shootmania Obstacle] One Shot Cup

Post by Lyyras » 01 Jun 2018, 12:30

The cup will take place on Saturday June 9 at 9 pm (in France, so UTC+2) as other cups, on the CUP server.

4 new maps by Lyyras, about 100 CP in total.
20 or 25 minutes by map.
One try: the first to reach the goal is first of the map.
You gain one point by CP reached, and additional points if you finish the map, depending of your rank (1 point for the last to finish the map, 2 for the previous...).
Your time is the duration between your first start and the first time you reach the goal (restarting from the beginning of the map has no effect on the time, a second run has no effect too).
No elimination, everybody can play the 4 maps.

The first CPs of each map are easy, the last ones are hard.
The easy CPs count is higher on the first maps.
You are allowed to join during the cup.

In case of point equality between some players at the end of the cup, the finished map count is used, and if it is still equal then the total time is used.

There is a freezone on each map if you are stuck at a CP :mrgreen:

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Re: [Shootmania Obstacle] One Shot Cup

Post by Lyyras » 10 Jun 2018, 15:51

Congratulation to Booby, winner of the Cup :clap:

Top 10:
1 unιτ BøøbY
2 unιτ оטноט !
3 ױ฿บההzゐบǤǤソוי
4 unιт мασ
5 Waza
6 Oxy»»» Batman
7 unιτ Ғlסѡѡא
8 Tคk
9 rich € Doge
10 monk9443

Detailed results are here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 94zJQU8F94
Thank you to all participants.

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