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ShootMania Galaxy

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 16:14
by Dommy

It's been a long time since the development has started, but there comes the beta phase of my title pack!

Everything you'll need to know about the title during beta is written in the Store and directly in titles main menu changelogs.

If you see any bug (except misplaced chat input), inform me about it there! Also, all suggestions are welcome, but I don't promise to include them in future patches.

Download options:
  • Title pack is available for download directly in the ManiaPlanet Store
  • Open manialink: domino54?galaxytitles
  • Direct link

Variety of game modes
Galaxy comes with various game modes, each giving you an unique experience with different gameplay:
  • Golden Dunk v2
    Pick up one of the balls and dunk it on your opponents' side to score points. Original by steeffeen.
  • Jailbreak v2
    Send your opponents to jail and rescue your jailed teammates. Original by Akbalder.
  • Confirmed
    Pick up coins dropped by your opponents to score points for your team.
  • Invasion
    Stack up together and defend the base from incoming horde of Toads.
  • Hunger Games
    Explore huge arenas, find supplies and survive as long as you can in this battle royale mode.
  • Tornado Hunt
    Race other players to be the first one to score points by touching the tornado.
  • King of the Hill
    Join one of the 4 teams and work together on capturing the goal.
  • Overrunning
    Hop into your favourite TrackMania car and score most eliminations in a drive-by deathmatch.
  • Payload
    Escort the payload on its way to the opponents' base.
  • Payload Race
    Deliver your payload to the opponents' base before they do the same against you.

Re: SM // Galaxy Open Beta!

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 17:25
by TheBigMiike
Nice TP, nice menu and nice design :thumbsup:
I already played Golden Dunk but never played Confimed or Jailbreak. Can we have a server for this mode ?

Re: SM // Galaxy Open Beta!

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 19:02
by Dommy
If someone is nice to rent one...

Re: SM // Galaxy Open Beta!

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 20:23
by kripkee
Well, why should someone host a server to a titlepack, if there is no audience?^^ Your titlepack might be good, but the general interest/hype for Shootmania is a desert.

Re: SM // Galaxy Open Beta!

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 22:40
by quadkillgod
How old are you Domino? 15-16-17?
Well I'm surprized how u managed to create a better-looking menu than a renowned gaming studio with trained professionals. I'd chose your menus over the NADEO ones anydays.

Good job :)

Also : What krippke said.

Suggestions :
Golden Dunk
- When waiting for players you only get to see "Draw". It could show a bit more no?
- "Draw" not centered

Overall :
- U redesigned the menu when u press ESC. But once u click a button you get to see the default-nadeo design again. Any way to get rid of those default menus as well?

- Crosshair effects are cool, but not complete.
When you can load 2 nucleus u only get the reload animation until you reloaded 1 nucleus. I'd like to have the reload animation as well when im reloading my 2nd nucleus, because it would be more logical (imo)

- Dont hide the stamina bar. Atm it gets removed when you dont use it for some seconds. I dont like it.

- The word "Stamina" changes to "Sprintpad" once ur on the sprintpad... It's a cool idea, but then you have to do it for every block.

Some examples :
Why dont you show "Powerjump" when you're on a podium or white block

-I also noticed that the "icon" above the stamina bar does not change. I liked how in the default design the icon changed to : TP, grappling man, crosshair when ur on the railpad, etc. Maybe consider bringing that back?

Re: SM // Galaxy Open Beta!

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 22:42
by Miss
domino54 wrote:If someone is nice to rent one...
Hey you have me :P

Re: SM // Galaxy Open Beta!

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 22:47
by hackie
LOL , youre direct download link results in a white screen full with strange characters.
After that Firefox chrashes , :thumbsup: :roflol: :3

Re: SM // Galaxy Open Beta!

Posted: 10 Jul 2016, 00:11
by TMarc
LOL2 I thought you wanted to rename your pack... to just Galaxy... but that here isn't it:

Code: Select all


Re: SM // Galaxy Open Beta!

Posted: 10 Jul 2016, 00:24
by Dommy
Thanks everyine for initial feedback!
kripkee wrote:
If there are no servers, remaining players can't try it out, and if they won't see how awesome it is, they won't tell about it to their friends. ;)
quadkillgod wrote:
18 :P In Golden Dunk there is no such thing as draw. There is the glorious Golden Dunk - first team to score final ball wins. (And texture, among with every other thing here is perfectly centered.) Pause menus - I customized everything I was capable of. Crosshair - it could mess the HUD even more, but can add it to test by. Stamina bar - it will be hidden, most people who tested the mode before find this a good feature. However I'm not able to get all kinds of blocks player stands on, at least I can display scope icon on laser pad (btw, the "armor" text is also changing, depending on the block you currently are.)
Miss wrote:
You said you have limited ressources, but if you offer, then we can configure some servers later today. ;) N-Jin also told he could host server, but I couldn't catch him online.
hackie wrote:
Well, my hosting is so shit and dunno how change the stream mode. :mrgreen:

Something important!
Don't mind statistics yet. Die as many times you want, they arent working from some reason. With Guerro we invastigated that dedicated server can't properly get the UI for the Users, so I'll recode statistics lib to get UIs from AllPlayers instead (this way works in other places).

It was done to keep backwards compatibility. :thumbsup:

Re: SM // Galaxy Open Beta!

Posted: 10 Jul 2016, 01:48
by Rots
I played all of these modes back in the days, I remember to spend a lot of time with the BCZ team in jailbreak and I even made some maps for it (lost on old computers), also on goldendunk and melee kill confirmed. It's a pity there are not enough players now. I'm sure that if this content got out so perfected as it looks now 2 years ago, it would have been awesome and the reason for some to stay or play more often.

Sure there is room to improve things and as you plan to integrate other famous modes, it can become a huge macrotitlepack, but with players on it regularly :thumbsup: