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Post by Juvo » 28 Jan 2018, 13:13


Allow me to introduce to you a concept titlepack in ongoing development: Solid
Solid is all about simplicity. The challenge in driving tracks with only 2 colors; solid colors if you may.

The titlepack will feature a campaign of 50 maps, 10 maps in each series. As of now, the white series is currently available and directly downloadable from the ManiaPlanet store. Or check out the titlepack page right here!

Teaser video:


Important for new players:
Solid is and will remain a concept. You'll have to set some settings right so you can play it in the best possible way. Below is a guide that helps you out.
It's possible some things don't work well for everyone. A current issue is that players who mainly drive 'Cam 1' might find asphalt and dirt smoke on their screen on hill-shaped surfaces. It's possible I get to solve it soon.

Streamers/Lets players: it would be awesome if you open up the flashes on screen before you play! Watching the 'Credits' for example encourages and supports the ones involved, even if indirectly! Just showing it is already appreciated.


Quick guide for a Solid experience!
For the best gameplay experience, here are some tips you will also find in the available map intros:
  • Turn off Bloom. - (Bloom can make the road completely blind for you.)
  • Turn on 'PostProcess FXs' in the advanced configure menu of your ManiaPlanet Launcher. - (This will solidify the road some more and improve the HUD visibility.)
  • Select the 'SOLIDCAR' skin from the profile menu. - (The skin doesn't transfer over to other titlepacks however. So switch back when you're done.)
  • Ghost medals have been driven, but it's advised to keep them invisible. They can hinder your field of view a little.
Hope this guide helps you out. Have fun playing!


Titlepack & Concept by: juvo

Music by: HouseBreaker

Custom items by: skyslide, xrayjay, juvo, Maxi, jui, norko2007

Special thanks to: Spammiej, keby, DdariQ, taxon, pige0n, Sakyy, Deska, BoSsWoSiLe, skyslide, xrayjay, florenzius, eyebo, amin22, ansgar, SnowFlakeFilms

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Re: Solid

Post by Miss » 28 Jan 2018, 13:17

Wow, this looks freaking cool!! Nice job! :clap: :clap:

Edit: Just tried it, kinda sucks that I have turn off Bloom but it's still pretty neat. Personally I think the aesthetic gets a little bit boring after playing for a while, since there's really only 2 colors. Perhaps even adding 1 more color to the mix would make it look even better, but perhaps that a little out of scope for the whole idea of this pack. :P Or perhaps some colors that are not grayscale, maybe in the stars or some other nice scenic view?

I really like how you solved the "this block is dirt" problem! :thumbsup: (And it's consistent across each map, which is very nice.)

Sometimes it's a bit hard to see if you're hitting something or even how fast you're going, it adds another element of difficulty, it's pretty cool, but a little awkward when first playing.

Another suggestion, but maybe this is again a little out of scope - some of the blocks are *very* square. I get that it's the main aesthetic, but the floors sometimes look a little bit too uniform. Adding a few square edges would be cool, or probably even rounding them would work.

Had a little problem when first loading in too, the game just froze on the loading screen. Not sure why, but restarting the game worked.

Overall I think this is a really cool pack, nice job!
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Re: Solid

Post by Mandark » 28 Jan 2018, 13:59

After a quick play through the 10 maps, I gotta say, there is a lot of potential for this project. The concept is really interesting, and it looks very great. The music choice is nice too, and overall makes for a great atmosphere.

I'd place the magnet corridor map further in the campaign (blue maybe?) , as the lack of visibility makes it pretty hard to know where to go. :P

Overall, great job and I look forward towards the rest of the project^^
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