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TrackMania One | June 28 updates

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 17:28
by Florenzius

Welcome to TrackMania One! The aim of this community project is to recreate all environments of TrackMania 1. But what's so special about TrackMania One and what makes it better than any other TMUF projects in ManiaPlanet? All tracks can be remade in TrackMania² with updated graphics, fixed bugs and the beauty of the ManiaPlanet engine. We are also going to re-include all hidden, cut or removed blocks from the original environments. Exclusive blocks from community suggestions will also be added.


We are trying to release at least one environment each year.

TrackMania One - Alpine - July 26, 2019

TrackMania One - Speed - June 20, 2020
TrackMania One - Bay - Late 2020

more to come...


So what does TrackMania One offer to you? As written above, TrackMania One is going to have 6 titlepacks for ManiaPlanet with 6 custom environments. All original blocks of an environment will be imported as items. Anyways you will be able to rebuild maps in the original style and the only difference will be the upgraded graphic. Of course the environments will include all original blocks, also including terraforming.
The handling of the rebuilt environments won't be fully like the original though because of restrictions of custom vehicle handlings. But we are trying to always keep it close to the origin. Beside all blocks we are also including hidden, cut or deleted blocks. Also blocks suggested by the community and own ideas will be included.

All environments will have an own campaign with 50 race tracks and a Platform and Stunt campaign with 10 maps for each. We also redesigned the user experience of the interface and menus. With the release of the Speed environment a new fresh menu with a lot cool features is waiting for you. See a preview below.

We are also providing a program for the TM Channel with the best community maps!


Our trailers


If you want to find out more about TrackMania One, make sure to visit our DISCORD-SERVER. There you can chat with other TMOne players, get the latest news and also have the chance to be part of a closed beta.

Also checkout our official YOUTUBE-CHANNEL for videos about the project.

So stay tuned and see you online!

Re: TrackMania One - A new challenge

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 00:36
by Florenzius
Soon we're back with more information and a great trailer :p

I think, it's time for another picture of TrackMania One, to keep you warm :D The closed beta is currently running and I decided to build a map with the current Alpine-Blocks (183)


But i won't teaser too much for the next time, but a small gameplay should come. cya :D

Re: TrackMania One - A new challenge

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 15:15
by Guerro323

(just click on the picture to access to the video)

Re: TrackMania One - A new challenge

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 17:01
by Fabinou38
The teaser :shock: :1010 :clap: :yes: :pil :pop: (no words but you already know that I love that Title xd)

Re: TrackMania One - A new challenge

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 17:12
by Florenzius
Fabinou38 wrote:
31 Jul 2017, 17:01
The teaser :shock: :1010 :clap: :yes: :pil :pop: (no words but you already know that I love that Title xd)
hehe :thx:

Re: TrackMania One - A new challenge

Posted: 10 Aug 2017, 15:26
by maczo6
Can't wait! :1010

Re: TrackMania One - A new challenge

Posted: 10 Aug 2017, 15:39
by Florenzius
maczo6 wrote:
10 Aug 2017, 15:26
Can't wait! :1010
Hehe, the last few things are almost done, there will be also an trailer soon :D

Re: TrackMania One - Available soon

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 13:39
by Florenzius
Almost ready with all blocks, we currently have around 250 available objects! Ready soon :pil

Re: TrackMania One Alpine - Coming October 31!

Posted: 22 Aug 2017, 17:01
by Florenzius

Hey there!

I'm glad to announce the Alpine-extension of TrackMania One officially now! I've been working on this project since end of may and we're in the final state now.

I am proud to present the announcement trailer made by Wasimo4! He's a guy with alot of potential, go check out his channel and help him for the 400 subs :D ... sNQKiXRrJg

Enjoy it!

So what's this in tl;dr?

I've been working on a high-quality block-set of all blocks, which you can find in TrackMania United: Snow. I started remaking all blocks part by part and I'm also proud of our complex pillar-system. The current pack-version includes 279 objects, which are all accessible in the powerful map-editor!
Why did you actually recreate Snow, if you already published TrackMania² Snow in the past? Why TrackMania One?
Indeed, there is already a Snow-remake in the store. Also by me. But it represents the early beginning of my work with 3D-stuff. I've done many items in 5 months of developing, but if I play it again and again now, I am not statisfied with the result. An important point of objects is the gridsnap. In Snow, the gridsnap was 1m vertical and 1m horizontal, a "pain in the ass" for mappers. Also the objects, including geometry and textures were not made 1:1 how I wanted it at the start of this idea last year.

So I decided to restart it completely, and the idea of TrackMania One was born. Why TMOne? I actually wanted to remake all environments of TMUF for MP in one titlepack. But there are some problems with multienvi-titlepacks and we can't schedule a Channel-Program with a multienvi-titlepack, so i decided to split all new environments in titlepacks only for the environment itself. The advantage: We can schedule a program and we don't have to handle multienvi-questions, like selection of environments, cars (car-items actually) and so on.

Another cool feature will be the 100% scripted main-menu (also showcased a bit in the trailer) with smooth animations, transitions and a great design! It is fully scripted by guerro, the mastermind of maniascript (even if he hates it :P)

A big thank you to all my closed beta testers! We are around 30 guys and we had/have a great time! Now let's finish this :D

So see you at October 31, when the pack will arrive in the store!

Re: TrackMania One Alpine - Coming October 31!

Posted: 22 Aug 2017, 18:15
by adamkooo2

I have some questions about it:
1. Is the SnowCar as big as the tmuf model? (if yes, the road will be too small and it will be hard to control)
2. Do you have scripted profile page in your menu?
3. How much does have it tracks?
4. What big is the file size of the pack?

Thanks for your answer :thx:

Nice work, nice trailer too :thumbsup: