PyPlanet, Next generation Python Server Controller

Python 3 Server Controller for Trackmania and Shootmania for script-only modes.

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PyPlanet, Next generation Python Server Controller

Post by toffe » 09 May 2017, 15:32

Hello guys,

You might already saw something about the Maniaplanet 4 release and the existing controllers. Because it's breaking some controllers that are existing around for a long time and I was sure that another implementation of a controller would be better I started a new project called PyPlanet.

What is PyPlanet

PyPlanet is a Python server controller that focuses on simplicity and asynchronous execution of all operations means that it will allow to do more things at the same time. Because PyPlanet is working with the asyncio module from Python 3.5 and later it's a stable integration with the implementation of asynchronous operations.

Futher more, PyPlanet is designed to last for a long time, and because we are using it on several great servers soon we will try to focus on maintenance as soon as we have a major release version.

  • Core: Super fast and ‘event’ driven based on Python 3.5 asyncio eventloop.
  • Core: Stable and well designed core and apps system. (Inspired by Django).
  • Core: All apps will handle the game experience.
  • Core: Adjustable settings for all your apps.
  • Core: Supports Trackmania and Shootmania, Scripted only!
  • Core: Able to convert from UAseco or XAseco2 databases.
  • App: Local Records, including widget + list.
  • App: Dedimania Records, including widget + list.
  • App: Admin Commands, Providing with basic commands and control for maintaining your server.
  • App: Karma, Let your players vote on your maps!
  • App: Jukebox, Let your players ‘juke’ the next map.
  • App: ManiaExchange, Simply add your maps directly from Mania-Exchange.
  • App: Players, This app shows messages when players join and leave.
  • App: Transactions, Donate planets to the server, show number of planets on server and pay out players.
  • App: Live Rankings, Show the live rankings of the game mode. (Trackmania).
  • App: Sector Times, Compare your sector/checkpoint time against your local or dedimania record.
  • App: Dynamic point limit for Shootmania Royal. Pointslimit based on the number of players.
Upcoming features

We are currently working on new features, that mostly are going to be visible in the Apps. Keep on posting your suggestions! Post your suggestions here: ... 26&t=40812 or on Github: (please post bugs on github).


We were focussing on documentation a lot. You can find user guide , setup guide, dev guide etc on here:


Open Source

Github repo is located right here:




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