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Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 20 Aug 2017, 13:51
by toffe
Small update has been released: 0.4.4. Containing the following changes:

  • Feature: Add UAseco convert script. See documentation on converting from old controller for instructions.
  • Improved: Updated libraries and dependencies.
  • Bugfix: Catch error when server initiated callvote, thanks to @teemann.
  • Bugfix: Fix the release/update checker.
Update urgency is low as it doesn't contain any urgent fixes or changes.

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 01 Sep 2017, 15:54
by toffe
Small update has been released: 0.4.5. Containing the following changes:

  • Feature: Add ManiaControl convert script. See documentation on converting from old controller for instructions.
  • Improved: Add documentation on how to convert to the right database collation.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue in the Dymanic Pointlimit app that results in 3 settings having the same key name.
Update urgency is low, specially when not having the dynamic pointlimit app activated.

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 07 Nov 2017, 11:29
by toffe
Good news, 0.5.0 is just released. We've put lots of work in this newly crafted version which has the focus on improving stability, adding new features and improving the overal experience of the controller.

Upgrading manual can be found here:
New app's that can be activated are:

Code: Select all

Having any issues? Open topic or contact Toffe on Discord: Toffe#8999

Full Change log:
  • Breaking: App context aware signal manager.

    This is a deprecation for the property ``signal_manager`` of the ``instance``. This means that ``self.instance.signal_manager``
    needs to be replaced by ``self.context.signals`` to work with the life cycle changes in 0.8.0.
    More info:

    The old way will break your app from version 0.8.0
  • Feature: Add multiple configuration backends. You can now use JSON or YAML as configuration as well. This is in a beta
    stage and can still change in upcoming versions. See the documentation for usage.
  • Feature: Add logging to file option for starting PyPlanet. You can set this up inside of your settings ``.
    More information can be found in the documentation for configuring PyPlanet.
  • Feature: Add detach switch to the PyPlanet starter so it can fork itself to the background and write a PID file.
    More information can be found in the documentation for starting PyPlanet.
  • Feature: Add player attributes that can be set by apps for caching or maintaining user settings or data during the session. (Technical)
  • Feature: Add migration script for eXpansion database. Look at the manual on for more information.
  • Improvement: Retry 5 times when connecting to the dedicated server, making it possible to start both at the same time.
  • Improvement: Update library versions.
  • Improvement: Add minimum required version of the dedicated server to prevent starting PyPlanet for non-supported dedicated versions.
  • Improvement: Only check for stable new versions. Now check for releases instead of tags on Github.
  • Improvement: Let the list view skip 10 pages buttons skip to end or begin when less than 10 pages difference. (Thanks @froznsm)
  • Improvement: Add online players login list in the player_manager. (Technical)
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with the release checker.
  • Bugfix: Fixing the link to the upgrade documentation page (Thanks to @thefifthisa).
  • Bugfix: Only handle player info change event when this player is still on the server to prevent errors.
  • Bugfix: Handle exception when the server initiated a callvote (Thanks to @teemann).
  • Bugfix: Correctly handle None column values when searching and/or sorting generic lists.
  • Bugfix: Correctly handle non-string column values when searching and/or sorting generic lists.
  • Bugfix: Refresh and fixed the player and spectator counters.
  • NEW: Best CPS Widget for Trackmania, shows the best times per checkpoint above the screen.
    Add the new app to your `'pyplanet.apps.contrib.best_cps'`. More info on the documentation pages of the app. (Big thanks to @froznsm)
  • NEW: Clock Widget, shows the local time of the players computer on the PyPlanet logo.
    Add the new app to your `'pyplanet.apps.contrib.clock'`. More info on the documentation pages of the app. (Big thanks to @froznsm)
  • NEW: Chat-based Vote App, want to have votes in the chat instead of the callvotes? Enable this app now!
    Add the new app to your `''`. More info on the documentation pages of the app.
  • Feature: Add folders to the /list interface. There are two types of folders, automatic folders based on facts and manual per player/admin folders.
  • Feature: Add folders for karma related information when karma app is enabled.
  • Feature: Add folder for newest maps (added within 14 days).
  • Feature: Add spectator status in the /players list.
  • Feature: Add /scoreprogression command to see your current score progressions statistics on the current track.
  • Feature: Add team switch commands (//forceteam and //switchteam) to the admin app.
  • Feature: Add warning command (//warn) and alert to the admin app to warn players.
  • Feature: Add the MX link of the current map to the logo left from the map name.
  • Feature: Add setting to directly juke after adding map from MX or local (defaults to on).
  • Feature: Add //blacklist and //unblacklist to the admin app.
  • Improvement: Applied context aware signal manager everywhere.
  • Improvement: Moving logic to view in dedimania app.
  • Improvement: Adding the MX link of the map to the icon on the map info widget.
  • Improvement: Adding setting to juke map after //add (mx and local) the map. Enabled by default!
  • Improvement: Adding help text to jukebox app command.
  • Improvement: Remove workaround for the fixed dedicated issue caused problems with the dedimania app.
  • Improvement: Only show login in /list for now as it was causing inconsistency.
  • Improvement: Check if the player is online before taking admin actions like kicking the player.
  • Improvement: Refactor logic of viewing dedimania records to the desired view class. (Technical)
  • Improvement: Further investigate dedimania problems for some specific players. Internal cause is known, exact reason not yet, we will further investigate this issue.
  • Bugfix: Make sure to skip jukeboxed map when it's deleted from the server.
  • Bugfix: Fix the double live rankings entry when changing nickname.
  • Bugfix: Check if we have data to compare before calculating CP difference in the live rankings widget.
  • Bugfix: Local record widget display fix when player joined during a very specific time that causes it to not display to the user.
Known Issues
- Output UTF8 encoding issues on console related to the logging, will be fixed in 0.5.2
- Windows start error, fixed in 0.5.1

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 07 Nov 2017, 12:44
by toffe
Small hotpatch 0.5.1 for Windows users has been released, no need to install this on Linux machines.

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 11:29
by toffe
New update is out, 0.5.2 fixes several important issues and adds some small features to the newly added apps. Here is the complete list:

  • Improvement: Disable writing log files by default from 0.5.2.
  • Improvement: Move logo and clock down so it doesn't interfere with the spectator icon.
  • Bugfix: Logging on windows should be fixed now.
  • Bugfix: Issue with multiple users editting modesettings or PyPlanet settings at the same time.
  • Feature: Add zero karma folder (auto-folder)
  • Feature: Added settings to enable or disable specific chat votes.
  • Feature: Add //cancelcall (//cancelcallvote) for cancelling a call vote as an admin.
  • Feature: Add //pass to pass a chat vote with your admin powers.
  • Feature: Add button to add current map to folder on the folder list.
  • Improvement: Change chat color of the chat vote lines.
  • Improvement: Disable callvotes when chatvotes is turned on (made setting for this as well).
  • Bugfix: Only show the folders of the user when adding maps to a folder.
  • Bugfix: Fix error when player has not been online and users trying to get the last on date of the player.
  • Bugfix: Remove unique index on the folder name so folders can have the same name over all. (auto-migration made).
  • Bugfix: Fix bug that prevented added maps to be auto-juked.

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 17 Nov 2017, 19:27
by toffe
Hey there :D
Small bugfix update released, 0.5.3
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with spamming chat vote reminder.
  • Bugfix: Fixing admin pass message when forcing pass a vote.

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 18 Dec 2017, 14:33
by toffe
Hello there,
Just pushed 0.5.4 out with some fixes and small improvements:

  • Improvement: Add unit testing on Windows platform (Technically,
    using AppVeyor).
  • Bugfix: Make sure script names with folders are cleaned and stripped
    from folder names in most cases.
  • Feature: Add button and window to change a folder's name.
  • Improvement: Juke maps that are just added the correct order.
  • Improvement: Allow the best CP widget for all modes.
  • Improvement: Add blacklist write and read commands, now writes when
    adding player to blacklist and reads when PyPlanet starts.
  • Bugfix: Fix the scoreprogression command and window.
  • Bugfix: Fix issue when map list was saved to disk and all
    auto-folders where empty afterwards.
  • Bugfix: Fix issue where the dedimania records where not reloaded
    when game mode changed and map has been restarted.
  • Bugfix: Fix message when 2 players rapidly vote and the vote has

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 21 Apr 2018, 13:51
by toffe
It has been some time since last update. We are currently testing 0.6.0 with a release candidate. Will keep you posted when the stable version gets released. (You can however start installing 0.6.0-rc3 with pip install pyplanet==0.6.0-rc3 -U but please be aware, it can be unstable, also downgrading is not possible due to migrations).

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 05 May 2018, 11:17
by toffe
We just released 0.6.0 with the following changes:


  • Breaking: Removed the deprecated ``app.ui``.
  • Feature: Add in-game and command line upgrade commands (//upgrade and ./ upgrade) (CAUTION: Can be unstable!).
  • Improvement: Slightly improved the performance when booting PyPlanet on large servers (indexing of local and karma)
  • Improvement: Increased the retry count for connecting to a dedicated server from 5 to 10 retries.
  • Improvement: Added bumpversion to project (technical and only for development).
  • Improvement: Unpack the flags of the ``PlayerInfoChange`` callback and expand the flow variables (technical).
  • Improvement: Updated external libraries.
  • Improvement: Extract the zone information for players (technical).
  • Improvement: Add nation to join and leave messages.
  • Improvement: Activated the shutdown handlers to safely exit PyPlanet. The stop callbacks are now called at shutdown of PyPlanet.
  • Improvement: Show pre-release as update when running on a pre-release version. (We now release pre-releases for public testing).
  • Bugfix: Fix issue when trying to //reboot on Windows.
  • NEW: Add Music Server App: Queue music on your server. Add ``pyplanet.apps.contrib.music_server`` to your
    More information: ... erver.html
  • NEW: Add Advertisement App: Show Discord and PayPal logos in-game. Add ```` to your
    More information:
  • NEW: Add Queue App: Add a queue for your spectators to fairly join on busy servers. Add ``pyplanet.apps.contrib.queue`` to your
    More information:
  • Feature: Add settings to change vote ratio for the chat voting app.
  • Feature: Add advanced voting (++, +, +-, -, --).
  • Feature: Add MX Karma integration. You can configure this in-game with //settings and retrieve a key from:
  • Feature: Add Admin Toolbar to manage your server a bit faster. (you can disable this in //settings)
  • Feature: Add new vote to extend the time limit on TA modes (better than /replay or /restart, try it!).
  • Feature: Add admin command to extend the time limit on TA modes temporary (//extend [time to extend with] or empty for double the current limit).
  • Feature: Add dedimania checkpoint comparison (/dedicps and /dedicps [record number]) to compare your checkpoint times with the record given (or first when none given).
  • Feature: Add local record checkpoint comparison (/localcps and /localcps [record number]) to compare your checkpoint times with the record given (or first when none given).
  • Feature: Add F7 to hide most of the widgets (concentration mode).
  • Feature: Add /topsums statistics to see the top local record players.
  • Feature: Add buttons to delete local records by an admin.
  • Feature: Add checkpoint difference in the middle of the screen when passing checkpoints (in the sector_times app).
  • Feature: Cleanup the dedimania ghost files after reading and sending to dedimania API.
  • Feature: Add advanced /list for searching and sorting with your personal local record, the time difference and karma. (can take long on big servers).
  • Improvement: Add caching to the /list view per player and per view.
  • Bugfix: Fix issue with incorrect link in the dedimania settings entry.
  • Bugfix: Fix the type inconsistency of the dedimania API and driven records
  • Bugfix: Fix when trying to vote after restarting the map in the podium sequence.
  • Bugfix: Fix the retry logic of Dedimania when losing connection.

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 07 Oct 2018, 14:21
by toffe
Bugfix release 0.6.1 is released.

  • Improvement: Added compatibility with Python 3.7.x.
  • Improvement: Upgraded external libraries.
  • Improvement: Giant performance improvement when indexing maps, karma and local-records data after writing maplist and booting for large servers.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with invalid JSON files (settings). Will show a correct error message.
  • Bugfix: Fixing readmaplist.
  • Bugfix: Fix issue in Local Records. Trying to initiate widget before the widget is created in the context.
  • Bugfix: Fixing incorrect differences on the live cp times (live rankings) in laps mode.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with Dedimania in Laps mode.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with cleaning the Dedimania replays.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with Dedimania and first driven record (global while it should be only to the person).
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with recording of normal and expanded karma scores in karma app.