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PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 09 May 2017, 16:18
by toffe
We will post updates here about new features/updates.

Main Topic: viewtopic.php?f=626&t=40812

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 11 May 2017, 18:27
by toffe
I just published version 0.1.5:

- Bugfix: Fixing several issues related to the connection and parsing of the payload.
- Bugfix: Fixing issue with the BeginMatch callback.
- Bugfix: Change issues related to the utf8mb4 unicode collate (max index lengths).

- Bugfix: Fixing several issues with the dedimania app.
- Bugfix: Fixing issue with local and dedimania records being saved double (2 records for 1 player). (#157).
- Bugfix: Fixing several exception handling in dedimania app.

If you have duplicate records, you have to manually remove it before the upgrade or drop tables
Please make sure your MySQL collate is set to utf8mb4_unicode_ci

The usual upgrade manual:

EDIT: You can find your duplicates with this snippet:

Code: Select all

COUNT(CONCAT(map_id, '-', player_id)) as cnt,
CONCAT(map_id, '-', player_id) as map_player,
map_id, player_id, id
FROM localrecord 
GROUP BY map_player
HAVING cnt > 1;

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 13 May 2017, 10:32
by toffe
Version 0.2.0 released:

  • Feature: Improved performance with the all new Performance Mode. This will improve performance for a player threshold that is freely configurable.
  • Feature: Technical: Add option to strip styles/colors from searchable column in listviews.
  • Feature: Technical: Add shortcut to get an app setting from global setting manager.
  • Improvement: Improve log color for readability.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with integer or other numeric values and the value 0 in the //settings values.
  • Bugfix: Replace invalid UTF-8 from the dedicated response to hotfix (dirty fix) the bug in client with dedicated communication.
  • Feature: New app: Transactions: Features donations and payments to players as the actual planets stats. Activate the app now in your!!
  • Feature: Map info shows nickname of author if the author nickname is known.
  • Feature: //list [search] directly searching in map list.
  • Feature: Implement //modesettings to show and change settings of the current mode script.
  • Feature: Restrict karma voting to count after the player finishes the map for X times (optional).
  • Feature: Apply the performance mode improvements to the local and dedimania records widgets.
  • Feature: Add command to restart PyPlanet pool process. //reboot
  • Improvement: Changed dedimania record text chat color.
  • Improvement: Changed welcome player nickname default color (white).
  • Improvement: Reduced length of record chat messages.
  • Improvement: Add player level name to the join/leave messages.
  • Bugfix: Jukebox current map gives errors and exceptions.
  • Bugfix: Ignore color and style codes inside /list searching.
  • Bugfix: Some small improvements on widgets (black window behind local/dedi removed and more transparent)
EDIT: 0.2.1 is out with the transaction app installed by default.

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 17 May 2017, 12:05
by toffe
New version is out!

  • Feature: Refactor the app config class so you can define apps in and use shorter configuration, (backward compatible for current contrib apps).
  • Feature: Signals runs with gather mode (parallel) now. Makes this way more faster!
  • Feature: Add save hook to setting object.
  • Feature: Chat contrib component, for shorter syntax at sending and preparing chat messages.
  • Feature: Refactor the GBX component, for shorter syntax at sending and preparing Gbx Methods.
  • Feature: Make it able to change the UI Properties from the games
  • Feature: Add ‘suggestion or bug’ report button.
  • Improvement: Unknown command message.
  • Improvement: Makes it faster to display local records.
  • Improvement: Refactor the local record code.
  • Feature: Add Live Rankings app (beta). Add it to your!
  • Feature: Add chat announce limit in local and dedi records.
  • Improvement: Autosave matchsettings on insertion of map.
  • Improvement: Hide dedimania widget on downtime.
  • Improvement: Better error handling in dedimania app.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with displaying WhoKarma list.
  • Bugfix: Fixing path issues in MX app.
We will release a patch somewhere soon that resolves some known issues, but we were required to release the dedimania fixes asap as Dedimania is live again.


Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 19 May 2017, 12:18
by toffe
Yesterday late I pushed another update. Mostly focussed on bugfixing and Shootmania fixes.

  • Improvement: Multiple namespaces per command + improve help.
  • Improvement: Hide the alt menu in shootmania when having a window in the middle.
  • Improvement: Add method to retrieve map by index.
  • Bugfix: Save boolean in the //settings
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with writing the map list.
  • Bugfix: Handling of fetching player in a callback for shootmania.
  • Bugfix: Several fixes for shootmania modes.
  • Improvement: Make dedimania record message shorter.
  • Bugfix: Double prefix in leave messages.
  • Bugfix: Dedimania nickname fetching gave error. Sometimes the widget didn’t work properly.
  • Bugfix: Improve error handling in Dedimania.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with write map list (admin part of it).
  • Bugfix: Don’t display the time of the author when in shootmania
Another update will be live soon with several small fixes and the //modesettings GUI edit implementation.
We will also implement submenus for the /list (so you can do some actions in the menu).

We need to refactor our list actions for this. If you use it, please make sure it will be changed soon.


Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 23 May 2017, 10:09
by toffe
In the meantime two new bugfix versions released.

Information about PyPlanet:

  • Bugfix: Ignore erros with unknown login for ui updates. (means the player left).
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with dedimania and unsupported maps.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with dedimania and replays.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with local records widget showing the wrong offset.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with local records and double records.
  • Improvement: Some not visible improvements to the local record widget logic.
  • Bugfix: Not properly sending and handling mode changes.
  • Bugfix: Several errors in handling the callbacks in shootmania
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with removing or erasing maps.
  • Improvement: Dedimania now also works in cup mode.
  • Feature: Add //replay command for admins, make it able to juke the current map for non-players (ops and admins)
We will now try to focus on the new UI we are creating, and some new features.
Btw, we have full support for Lagoon. Suggestions are welcome in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=626&t=40815

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 03 Jun 2017, 11:54
by toffe
Version 0.4.0 has been released with a big feature update. We have replaced our temporary UI by the new design. Hope you all like it.

Some screenshots:



  • **Breaking**: Refactored the TemplateView to make it able to use player data way more efficient.
    This is a *deprecation* for the method `get_player_data`. From now on, use the `get_all_player_data` or the better `get_per_player_data`. More info: /api/views.
    **The old method will not be called from 0.6.0**
  • Feature: UI Overhaul is done! We replaced the whole GUI for a nicer, simple and modern one! With large inspiration of LongLife’s posted image (<>).
  • Feature: UI Update queue, Don’t make the dedicated hot by sending UI updates in realtime, but queue up and sent every 0,25 seconds. (Performance)
  • Improvement: Removing the fix for symbols in nicknames/chat (fix for the maniaplanet dedicated/client issue earlier).
  • Improvement: Add analytics.
  • Improvement: Don’t report several exceptions to Sentry.
  • Improvement: Remove SQlite references in code and project skeleton.
  • Improvement: Give error message when loaded script is using old style scripted callbacks.
  • Improvement: Dynamic future timeouts for script/gbx queries.
  • Improvement: Add ManiaScript libs includes in core. Will be expanded, open pull requests if needed!
  • Improvement: Adding two new signals for players when entering spec/player slot.
  • Bugfix: Adding several investigation points to send more data about problems that occur for some users.
  • **Breaking**: Refactor the MapInfo app to Info app. Adding new features: Server and general info on top left corner.
    This requires a config change: Change `pyplanet.apps.contrib.mapinfo` into `` and you are done!
    **The old app will be removed in 0.6.0**
  • Feature: **New App**: Shootmania Royal Dynamic Point Limit is here! Add it with `pyplanet.apps.contrib.dynamic_points`.
  • Feature: **New App**: Trackmania Checkpoint/Sector time widget is here! Add it with `pyplanet.apps.contrib.sector_times`.
  • Feature: Change modesettings directly from the GUI (//modesettings).
  • Improvement: Apply the new UI Overhaul to all apps.
  • Improvement: Add message when dedimania records are sent.
  • Improvement: Improve the dedimania error handling even better.
  • Improvement: Notice when map is not suited for dedimania records.
  • Improvement: Several performance improvements on the dedimania and localrecords apps.
  • Improvement: Add dynamic actions to map list, such as deletion of maps.
  • Improvement: Modesettings list is ordered by name by default now.
  • Bugfix: Adding several investigation points to send more data about problems that occur for some users.
  • Bugfix: Trying to sent dedi records when dedimania isn’t initialized bug is solved.
  • Bugfix: Prevent double message of dedimania record when switching game modes.
  • Bugfix: Fixing double local records (or investigate more if it still occurs).

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 05 Jun 2017, 12:28
by toffe
Patch update released.


  • Improvement: Add command ignore and /version improvements.
  • Improvement: Disable the live infos in the left upper corner (player join/leave, 1st finish).
  • Bugfix: Issue with database collate and utf8mb4, nickname parsing issue has been solved.
  • Bugfix: Don’t auto reload and use different environments for the template engine. Should improve performance very much.
  • Bugfix: Ignore unknown login at the chat and UI managers.
  • Bugfix: Ignore key interrupt exception trace when stopping PyPlanet while it has got a reboot in the mean time.
  • Bugfix: Hide the ALT menu in shootmania, just as it should do since before 0.4.0.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issue with checking for updates could result in a exception trace in the console for some installations with older setuptools.
  • Bugfix: Fixing an issue that results in fetching data for widget several times while it’s not needed (thinking it’s per player data when it isn’t). (Thanks to Chris92)
  • Improvement: Make it able to drive dedimania records on short maps made by Nadeo.
  • Improvement: Make the improvement time blue like Nadeo also does in the sector times widget.
  • Improvement: Always show nickname of the map author and make it switchable by clicking on it.
  • Bugfix: Don’t set the time of the spectator as your best time in the sector times widget.
  • Bugfix: Problems that could lead to dedimania not being init currently on the map if the map was replayed.
  • Bugfix: Hide dedimania if map is not supported.
  • Bugfix: Fix the offset issue for the live rankings widget (in TA mode).
  • Bugfix: Fix the incorrect number of spec/player count on the top left info widget.

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 18 Jun 2017, 14:34
by toffe
Patch update released.


  • Improvement: Bump XML-RPC Script API to version 2.2.0.
  • Improvement: Show the Round Score build-in ui (nadeo widget) and move it a bit.
  • Improvement: Move the build-in warmup ui (nadeo widget) a bit.
  • Feature: Add //shuffle and //readmaplist. Both are unsure to work.
  • Improvement: Further investigate and report issues related to Dedimania.
  • Bugfix: Fixing negative count issue on the info widgets.
  • Bugfix: Remove faulty and debug line from dedimania api catch block.
  • Bugfix: Properly handle the dedimania response when player is not correct.
  • Bugfix: Fixing issues with boolean values and the //modesettings GUI.
Instructions and information can be found on our website:

Re: PyPlanet Update Blog

Posted: 21 Jun 2017, 18:37
by toffe
A small patch update, 0.4.3, is released. Following changes:

  • Bugfix: Fix issue with switching to custom script (lower case not found), specially teams mode.