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PyPlanet for hosting companies

Posted: 21 Apr 2018, 12:43
by toffe
This topic contains some useful information for hosting companies that are willing to implement PyPlanet in their products.

Preventing users to update in-game
This function is enabled by default and available since 0.6.0. You can prevent users to update PyPlanet in-game (with the //upgrade command) by adding this line to the (or json/yaml):

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More information: ... grade-base

Using YAML or JSON for configuration files
Automating the installations of PyPlanet can be a hard thing with the .py setting files. Since 0.5.0 it is possible to use JSON or Yaml files for configuration.
You can switch the configuration mode and files by editing the or by providing the environment variable values.

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os.environ.setdefault('PYPLANET_SETTINGS_METHOD', 'python') # Can  be 'yaml' or 'json'
os.environ.setdefault('PYPLANET_SETTINGS_MODULE', 'settings')
More information: ... g-pyplanet

You can reply on this topic if you have questions about providing PyPlanet as a hoster.