Load a different matchsettings ?

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Load a different matchsettings ?

Post by Pilax » 19 Jun 2018, 11:54


To begin, I apologize in advance for bad english, it's not my natural language :)

I use Pyplanet 0.6.0 for my TM server, on which I have different "matchsettings" (a specific one by type of map: RPG, Tech, MMC etc.), which I must specify each time the server is launched.

Of course each of them have a list of different maps and specific match's parameters.

I would like to know if it was possible to load another maplist (via commands or other) without having to stop the server, change the matchsettings and restart.

After reading the documentation, it seems that this is not possible, or at least I misunderstood the procedure.

I saw the two commands: // rml and // wml, but not much happens when I use them.
- I can read a file: // rml RPG.txt
Here I "read" the map list and the matchsettings for the RPG
- I can write a file // wml livemaplist.txt
Here I "load" my parameters previously read to write them in the file livemaplist.txt (the one that is read and used by Pyplanet if I understand correctly).
- When I go next map, nothing new happens. I stay on the maplist and initial matchsettings.

Am I mistaken somewhere, or is it impossible to load another map file while the server is LIVE?

Thank you in advance for enlightening me on this point :)

If the function is not available, would it be possible to integrate it into a future version? Maybe it's already planned?

Thank you in any case for the work done on this plugin that does not have much to envy to other plugins available !


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Re: Load a different matchsettings ?

Post by toffe » 19 Jun 2018, 16:19

It seems that the read map list doesn't work as it should.
We will investigate this and eventually make a bugfix for 0.6.1.

GitHub issue: https://github.com/PyPlanet/PyPlanet/issues/688

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Re: Load a different matchsettings ?

Post by Pilax » 20 Jun 2018, 12:36

ok great, thanks for your answer.
Looking forward to the fix of this very useful function :) :thumbsup:

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Re: Load a different matchsettings ?

Post by pedroramirez » 26 Jun 2018, 20:33

Hi, I kind of had the same issue.

I am using Maniacontrol and had "Autosave Maplist file" activated. Maybe you have a similar setting with PyPlanet.

I was able to change maplist once without issue but this would overwritte my initial maplist file. So when I tried to switch back to my initial maplist file nothing happened since it was overwritten to the current maplist file.

Your issue is probably not the same but I thought this might help.

Have a nice day.

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