Live score panel is gone?

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Live score panel is gone?

Post by Coshank90 » 27 Oct 2018, 12:20


Noticed that the live score panel is gone, and that the race ranking panel is shown above the dedimania records (see pic)

How can i make it go back to normal? Restarting the server doesn't help.

Also, is it possible to disable the dedimania panel?


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Re: Live score panel is gone?

Post by toffe » 30 Oct 2018, 13:26

You can change the panels with the settings file. However, if you host your server from e.g. NC1 you have to contact them about enabling live rankings and disabling dedimania.

For now, you can also disable dedimania by just removing the dedicode from //settings (this will result in error messages, but you can ignore those).

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