[Chrismas Plugin] mxmod

Python 3 Server Controller for Trackmania and Shootmania for script-only modes.

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[Chrismas Plugin] mxmod

Post by reaby » 06 Dec 2019, 14:02


Winter time again... and I'm being silly as usual :roflol:
What to expect: Nice winter scenery with mania-exchange christmas mod (the rudolf red nosed version)
and at podium custom snowy scenery. With some luck you might see santa as well :)

1. Download at http://reaby.kapsi.fi/ml/pyplanet/mxmod.zip
2. Extract at pyplanet/apps/
3. and enable as usual: pyplanet/settings/apps.py

Code: Select all

4. restart pyplanet and have fun!

additionally if you wish, set gamemode chat time 20seconds (it's by default 10).

Note: to disable loading the winter mod, a restart of dedicated server is needed.

8.12.2019 update:
fixes animation to hide if you do //res during podium.
--> redownload, extract and restart pyplanet.

Happy holidays,

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Re: [Chrismas Plugin] mxmod

Post by SK » 26 Feb 2020, 00:56

greate work :D
i realy like the idea of this plugin.

could you make a seperate one that allows me to set a server mod for ech server seperatly ?

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