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Channels Programs: Information and Guidelines!

Posted: 10 May 2017, 09:20
by Alinoa
Hi everyone :)

I invite you to read the preview about channels again before starting to submit an episode for a program of a channel. ... -channels/

To sum up, there are two channels: one for Shootmania and one for Trackmania.
Each channels are divided into programs. And programs are divided into episodes.
For example, in the Channel "Trackmania", there can be a program "Trackmania 2 Canyon" and there can be an episode of Trackmania 2 Canyon Time Attack between 7:00pm and 8:00 pm on Saturday.
You can submit your episode based on any program of any title (including customized title).

  1. Upload your maps into the map manager ( and create a playlist: ... sts/create
  2. Create your server here: ... ger/create(edit settings and add your playlist)
    When creating a matchmaking server, pay attention to have the following settings:
    For Lobby server, this server must be visible and the the value of this parameter "S_MatchmakingMode" must be 1
    For Match servers, these servers must be HIDDEN and the value of this parameter "S_MatchmakingMode" must be 2
  3. Create your program here:
    Please note that you can add an URL in your program creation for inviting players to provide you with feedback or comments.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT -TEST OUT your program by launching a server from your program created and if everything works well, then you can ask for having your program scheduled.

ONLY Nadeo can schedule a program. Players can only create a program and then asking for having their program scheduled.
To submit an episode, please pm Alinoa and Cerovan by providing us with the following information (one week before the episode that you would like to schedule):
  1. Id of your program
  2. Time of the episode
  3. Duration

3.GUIDELINES TO FOLLOW for submitting a program and having your program authorized in a channel:
  • Your episode must be for all players.
  • Later we will open Bronze / Silver and Gold episodes.
  • Please make sure that your maps are respawnable.
  • Players can join the episode when they want so it means that competitive events can be integrated only if they are for all players and if players can join them when they want.
  • You can't use or reproduce the program of someone else.
  • Your contents must follow the copyright.
  • Your episode can't highlight inappropriate or abusive contents.
  • You can ask for having an episode scheduled every week but we reserve the right to replace this program by another player's program or a Nadeo one to our discretion.
Happy creation :D

Re: CHANNELS Information and Guidelines!

Posted: 18 May 2017, 10:04
by Guix
Some news about program management :
From now you can create episode and add a little description/changelog to it. The idea is that you tell your players what is new, what has changed from previous episode. It can be about the playlist you have just changed or everything else you think that your players should know about.

Do not hesitate to ask questions :)

Re: CHANNELS Information and Guidelines!

Posted: 28 Sep 2017, 16:39
by Mr.DVD
Simple Tutorial :

Re: Channels Programs: Information and Guidelines!

Posted: 30 Oct 2018, 14:57
by McBain
Great tutorial Mr. DVD!

Yesterday i tried to setup something but somehow i ran into several (small) problems and questions (workflow like in the video from DVD). Setting up a channel program is not that easy if you dont make a standard TA server:

1) Map-Upload
- How can I see if a map is already uploaded? Every map i uploaded just worked.
- I uploaded also maps from other authors also that worked without any questions. Even i cannot really see which maps are mine and which are from others. Is this triggered in a different way or did I maybe do it wrong?

2) Server-Config --> Create a server config
As I wanted to create a chase server config I wanted to use MatchMaking instead of Standard. However in my first try i made it standard:
- is it not possible to delete or rename a ServerConfig already existing?
- is it not possible to change a server config from Standard to Matchmaking?
- do i have to use a Name which specifies the Titlepack?
- Script: why do i see several Chase Scripts? I see Chase in Stad, Canyon, Valley, Lagoon, Multienv --> is this really title specific? How do i get the Chase Script in other titles? Do I need the Chase Script in other titles at all? I can't find them on my harddisk so I couldnt check if there are any differences between them.
Welll... i therefore just generated a 2nd one with the exact same name. Now its confusing :D because i see both and the only option i have is to always choose the 2nd or hide the 1st wrong one.

2b) Server-Config --> Configuration
Now the first harder part comes
- is it not possible to just upload a MatchSettings.txt to have the right config? (also the maps selection could be faster like that)
- I cannot see all parameters. I would suggest a direct link from this window to the tutorial explaining the match settings ( ... -gamemodes). Only option i had atm was to copy paste them to Notepad++ to see the full names and to guess if this parameters behaves like i expect...

2c) Server-Config --> Test Server
Setting up the test server worked well. However: with the settings i was not able to test the settings alone.
- Seems that i need to have at least 4 people to test if it works with Configuration Matchmaking?
- I got a join link directly to the MatchServers but i got kicked there after about 10s and i wasn't able to go out of spec to really see the settings.

3) Programs --> Create a program
Creating a program leads to the very similar little problems than creating a Server-Config.
- here i can change the title by going to MetaData
- but i cannot change the Titlepack?
- i didn't find out how to delete a program i created. Also i do not understand how i finally submit it.

3b) Programs --> Servers Configuration
Now I need to know which dependencies exist between Scripts. Which Chase script do I use. Then one I used led to this error message which i do not fully understand:
- Script title in server configuration and program title must be the same

I hope someone can help: I dont mind moving this topic to another thread but I think some questions are fairly general (selection of Script e.g.) so it could help also other people trying this with more exotic settings.