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Firefight & Countdown Channels

Posted: 15 May 2017, 12:28
by djhubertus
Countdown RushFest is a 12 player FFA Event where every participant has very simple task: Be the last man standing. In this gamemode, players are spawning in waves. The longer match is, the bigger respawn delays are. Use time as an advantage and eliminate all enemies on the arena to win a round.

Firefight Public Playground is 10 v 10 Casual match in Firefight mode. A recreation of popular gamemode from "Insurgency" or "Call Of Duty: Ghosts". Respawn dead allies by capturing poles and eliminate all enemies!

Have some feedback? Post in this topic or here

I'm looking for translators, especially in french, german and russian. If You want to translate some custom texts, PM me.

Firefight & Countdown Channels

Posted: 17 May 2017, 23:15
by djhubertus
Pushed new update to Countdown and Firefight

- Changed the way, game calculates number of alive players to prevent values, not representing a situation.
- Added Female announcer, remember to update titlepack manually since channels are not pushing updates... Otherwise you will get an error.
- Hunting enabled now requires 4 or less players alive on arena instead of 3.
- Fixed crash occuring when channel is forcing game to end.
- 5 XP for elimination instead of 3.
- Double XP bonus now requires 3 survived waves instead of 4.
- Channel: Now need 3 rounds to win instead of 2.

- Updated Header UI to something minimalistic.
- Updated scoreboard to show K/D and CPs.
- Updated point system for better LP calculation.

Have fun :>

Re: Firefight & Countdown Channels

Posted: 23 May 2017, 01:49
by djhubertus
Pushed new, QOL update to Countdown and Firefight:

Both modes:
- Added french translation.
- Reduced number of possible announcer overlaps.
- Added rules screen for newbies. A lot of people are saying that modes are complicated so I made 2 simple sentences to each mode about: how to win, and how to spawn.

- Moved healthbars to the header.

- Changed how round end behave.
- Going back to 2 rounds to win.
- Changed "no damage" phase text to "warm up" to make it more clear.
- Ammo is regenerating 10% faster than before.
- Fixed maniaplanet 4 runtime error with offzone water.\

Have fun :3

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Re: Firefight & Countdown Channels

Posted: 27 May 2017, 17:00
by Guerro323
So, some feedbacks about your modes:

For Countdown:
The only problems that I found is the french translation and that the script crash when falling into offzone.

For Firefight:
Players that join in a match don't spawn next rounds (because of warmup?) so they need to wait next map.
When the teams are balanced, warmup team setting isn't applied for players, so some players don't spawn because of that

Re: Firefight & Countdown Channels

Posted: 10 Jun 2017, 00:03
by djhubertus
Fixed all mentioned issues. I think, there is one possible issue on firefight but can't find it why and how since I can't get crashlogs from Nadeo anymore. On local play with bots, everything is fine so give it a shot.

Also in this update:
- Added custom team names to script settings
- Added optional Instagib mode to Firefight

Re: Firefight & Countdown Channels

Posted: 06 Aug 2017, 21:07
by Fabinou38
There is a little problem with Countdown mode : When a player wins a Round, a scoreboard is displayed with 1pt for the winner of this round, but 3-5 sec after, these scores are reset to 0 (we can see the change just before new round).. :( So, infinite match and we can play on other maps only with callvotes. :?