[Feedback] Shootmania Elite

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[Feedback] Shootmania Elite

Post by Cerovan » 09 Jun 2017, 16:27


If you have any feedbacks or suggestion about this program (like new maps to add/change), feel free to answer :thumbsup:
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Re: [Feedback] Shootmania Elite

Post by djhubertus » 09 Jun 2017, 23:34

- Paragon League maps would be cool. Some beginner maps are really bad designed(Like this wooden building map, it's horrible, it's dark).
- Lower max point limit to 12 or 15 maybe.
- Matchmaking - Prepare match phase is broken, sometimes all players joins but only 2-3 players are getting spawned in round 1 because script have not updated player list. Maybe add some one minute warm up so script won't get confused?
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Re: [Feedback] Shootmania Elite

Post by Devils34 » 09 Jun 2018, 18:27

Open the game for free to play.

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