AgE Stormium Program

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AgE Stormium Program

Post by Guerro323 » 18 Jun 2017, 14:57



AgE is the first mode in the program to use the "full*" functionnality of actions (custom weapons) and some functionnalities of ManiaPlanet4.
The goal of this mode was to make a mode that change totally the way of how ShootMania is played but while keeping the ShootMania spirit.

*Partial Animations were added and removed because some players crashed.

Short Description of the mode:
The mode is really simple in fact, it's a simple ATTACKERS VS DEFENDERS mode, the attacker team need to capture the two checkpoints (there could be more with some maps) to unlock the gate that will permit access to the final goal for the attackers, if an attacker touch the goal, poof, ATTACK TEAM wins.
In defense side, defenders need to defend the checkpoints, if they fail, they need to defend the final goal, at this period, they will have x2.5 armors and x2 attack power.
If the time is out, there will be 5 seconds of overtime, if an attacker is capturing a checkpoint while overtime is ON, the overtime time will be blocked, if the overtime is out, defenders wins.
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Re: AgE Stormium Program

Post by Fabinou38 » 02 Jul 2017, 18:29

Great job Guerro :thumbsup:
This mode is very funny and I really like all the different classes ;)
UI : :1010
Awesome mode ! :3 I support this one (and you know that since a while ^_^)
fab38 :thx:
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