Maniaplanet issues (continued)

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Maniaplanet issues (continued)

Post by blakeee » 26 May 2018, 23:55

Just bought this (TrackMania Stadium) off of Steam, excited to play it. So far its been the worst install experience i've ever had... I tried using steam and standalone version, it launches fine and then says a ManiaPlanet 4 Update is required to play. This download then takes hours to install (my internet speed is not the issue). Once it finally hits 100% it resets as if it never installed.

This is my last shot at getting this fixed because it looks like a fun game. You guys need some major optimization... yikes

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - March update

Post by Demented » 27 May 2018, 14:37

Many people have run into that same problem & I have no idea why, but it's never taken me more than about half an hour to do even the biggest updates to all four environments. (Most take just a few minutes)
However, if you stick with it, or try again a bit later, I think you'll find this to be a very unique game. There really isn't anything else like it.
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - March update

Post by lucarn » 01 Jun 2018, 22:47

Cannot finish editing a circuit in the map editor because Shadow computation cannot complete for an unknown error.
Someone to a solution?

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - March update

Post by TMarc » 02 Jun 2018, 09:35

try a different shadow setting?
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - March update

Post by tomekkaczaktm » 04 Jun 2018, 17:20

HI, when I play cars, I sometimes have buffered pixels when driving on dirt and sand. If possible, please repair it
PS. I have gtx 1050

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - March update

Post by speedychris » 05 Jun 2018, 11:51

Play cars - ? whats that? What are buffered Pixels?
Describe your problem better and post a screenshot.

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