Can't install or update title files?

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Can't install or update title files?

Post by chiefmr » 05 Aug 2018, 23:17

I had this issue for a few hours after being away for a couple of years. It's fixed now.

I had been trying to launch and play the game via steam and it seems to have interfered with the Mania launcher. I Reinstalled the game numerous times, along with troubleshooting things like my network and file integrity or placement. After doing pretty much everything, i decided to uninstall the game in steam and download the launcher from the website. using this instead of steam gave me instant results. i didn't find anything saying this could be a solution to connection issues of this kind. It would download without a problem and end with that aweful "can't update" line everytime I launched through steam.

I don't do forums or anything like this, and resort to them rarely. If i've committed some kind of faux pas, I am sorry. But to me it is important to share this information since it can help others who may be in my shoes. This forum is as close to a good place to put it as i could see on a quick glance.

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Re: Can't install or update title files?

Post by TMarc » 06 Aug 2018, 12:22

Actually we tell this to everyone who has similar issues in Steam, already since years.
But those who prefer to use the Steam Workshop cannot take the standalone client of Maniaplanet.
Here the users have to try to retry the update procedure until it works.

The most recent update should implement some improvements related to the update.
And once everyone has this version running, it should be fine.

Of course please still report issues if you have :)
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Re: Can't install or update title files?

Post by reksu » 10 Oct 2018, 09:07

I've had this problem for years now, and downloading the launcher from their website fixed it! I created this account just to thank you, so THANK YOU! :thx: :thx:

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