Beeing able to load replays cross genre | Feature Issue

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Beeing able to load replays cross genre | Feature Issue

Post by OrecaShadow » 11 Feb 2019, 14:53


it´s been a time since my last post here in the forum. But today i would like to adress something that should be clarified for the future in my opinion.

As the title says, i am talking about the possibility to load replays from Shootmania in TrackMania and vise versa.
This feature has been once again removed with the latest update of maniaplanet.

We have a lot of creative tools and just a bunch of them beeing used on a regular basis. Talking about the Mediatracker, the TrackMania community has the gift of owning one of the greatest creation tool ever.

Making videos, screenshots and more lays in the heart of it and it offers so much. But one specific feature, that is expanding all of it to an infinite state has been the cross load of replays.

Making car showcases using the shootmania envi has been popular and it still is, even so its hard to do now.

What i would like to see, is, that the team/project lead is thinking about this and makes a fixed statement about it. Shall we be able to use the whole world of maniaplanet to have creative freedom or should we be limited to the intented envis.

It has been changed in the past as well, sometimes working, sometimes not, and when you really need it, it didnt work.
For example, right now, working on a big video trying to use shootmania custom weapons to add ghosts with them in TM replays, it just doesnt work since i cant load up the replays in the opposite genre titlepack.

For the end, i would like just to add some content made by the community to underline the point that it is an important feature to have.


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