Mouse wheel problem in editor

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Mouse wheel problem in editor

Post by bitpause » 03 Jan 2020, 19:12

I have one other problem in the editor.

In the editor, my mouse wheel seems very sluggish, I need to roll 3 times over to get one block higher.
I had this before and I remember I used to install Microsoft mouse and keyboard centre drivers, but the new driver setup dont work for some reason.

Does somebody have any other tips how to get MS mouse wheel working fine in editor? It works fine when you zoom in and everything else in the editor, but raising and lowering the blocks takes 3 full circles per block. Its kinda weird everything else works than lifting blocks, but some other people had it too with MS mouse, right now the problem is the new driver version dont want to install and I cant think any ideas

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Re: Mouse wheel problem in editor

Post by TMarc » 03 Jan 2020, 19:50

it would be good to find out the cause why the nwer driver won't install.
Here yu should read the error message or look in the event manager for some unattended error.

Perhaps you have downloaded the wrong version (32 vs 64bits if it exists).

Look into the control panel, is your mouse wheel setting perhaps too low?
Also try to scroll up and down on a longer html page, is it slow or fast for you at the moment?
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Re: Mouse wheel problem in editor

Post by bitpause » 04 Jan 2020, 02:02

Yes, I used correct 64bit version. I was able to install some older versions of the centre drivers, but couldnt get them work properly in the editor either. One of the old driver version improved block lifting, so I only need to scroll half wheel to lift block, but thats not good still.

I think the version that worked was 6 years old, but I couldnt find that exact old version I had used.
The settings are good in control panel. Webpages scroll fast, Windows, playing SM, and even zooming in the editor. Only block lifting has this problem.

This is old topic that discussed same problem where I got my fix back then,

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Re: Mouse wheel problem in editor

Post by reggie1000 » 04 Jan 2020, 06:49

While I do not have a total fix for you (mouse drivers is out of my reach), you may use Pg Up and Pg Down to scroll, or the new alt+ left click + right click.
This may not be ideal, but at least it should help a bit.
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