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Import TM1 unlimiter maps

Posted: 22 Sep 2018, 14:18
by PhantOM51
Hi !

Is it possible to import a TM1 unlimiter map (more than 32x32 blocks) with all blocks ?
With a friend we have made a 1000 cp rpg map a few years ago with tm unlimiter.
When i import the map in Maniaplanet (with openplanet) i lose all blocks over 32 high :-(


Re: Import TM1 unlimiter maps

Posted: 23 Sep 2018, 14:28
by Miss
If Openplanet doesn't detect the map size, I'm not sure it's possible. I don't know how map conversion works internally either, so I'd have to look at that.

Perhaps it works if the decoration size is already set to a higher value, you could test that by disabling the big decoration plugin in the Openplanet settings and manually preloading and setting the decoration size from fid/nod explorer before trying to import the map.

Re: Import TM1 unlimiter maps

Posted: 24 Sep 2018, 11:48
by PhantOM51
Ok i will try and report here later :D


Re: Import TM1 unlimiter maps

Posted: 26 Sep 2018, 22:38
by bern
Hi !!
I also import maps from tm1 to MP4 ,,
but maps made with "unlimiter" produce faults when converting the map in MP4
and the Mp4 editor when opening the file hangs up and shuts down the program.
I would like to recover many maps, but almost all the maps made with Unlimiter from tm1 do not convert