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OpenPlanet Questions

Post by ranig » 22 Sep 2019, 13:35

We have a couple of questions with regards to OpenPlanet capabilities, notably in terms of modifying existing maps.

- Is it possible to change the time of day, remove any mod, and recompute shadows on a batch of maps without opening them in the editor (maps by other mappers, generally password protected, and we don't want to modify the original mapper's name, validation time, etc)

- Is it possible to change all instances of a given block on a map by instances of a custom variant of that same block, without opening it in the editor (again that would be on maps by other mappers, on which we don't want to change anything else). More precisely, I would like to be able to change all road CPs on a set of maps by this variant
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Re: OpenPlanet Questions

Post by Miss » 22 Sep 2019, 17:52

1. Maybe, I'm not sure, you could take a look at the documentation yourself for pointers.

2. Should be possible, since you have access to all of the editor features.
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