Internet issues since 4.1

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Re: Internet issues since 4.1

Post by kezar » 19 Jan 2019, 12:00


here is some more information from my issue:

Summary of the problem:
Once I log in to one server, everything seems fine at first, I can play normally, my times are recorded, etc ... but when the maps switches, I get stuck with the 'please wait' sign in specator mode (camera above the map) and I can't move out from this state. Several buttons are unusable such as escape, or tab (to show the live ranking). Ping is normal (50-60), framerate also, no packetloss seen when I type the ")" button.

- it happens on every single server i am loging in
- the same issue happens on channels
- I am using my phone data to play (which is working really well for everything else and also for MP before the update)
- I am using Avast antivirus but didn't change anything in that
- MP is allowed in the firewall

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Re: Internet issues since 4.1

Post by lococolorado » 23 Jan 2019, 22:41

When i'm not on the vpn, the issue is 100% the same:
'Please wait' on screen and stuck until server eventually timeouts me.

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Re: Internet issues since 4.1

Post by kezar » 09 Feb 2019, 12:49

Ok so I have made some more test and found out the issue can be reproduced easily, here is what I found:

- First time I join the server, I can play normally. Once the map skips, I get stuck on the "please wait" sign. I can't press escape nor spectate anyone but I can kick myself from the server. When I rejoin, I am still stuck with the sign. I kick myself again from the server and when I rejoin a second time, here, I can play again.
- Also, people can't see my car moving when I'm driving, it is stuck at the start but the engine sound and checkpoints sounds work properly and my times are recorded.
- I have experienced some lags as well while driving in Time Attack, after a few tries, the start countdown decrease. It decreases every time I restart the race and at the end at start late. (This lag doesn't happen all the time though).

Hope this can help fix this bug.

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Re: Internet issues since 4.1

Post by » 11 Feb 2019, 15:53

I know the "please wait" thingy as well, but that happens to me only on server when I'm the only one connected to the server and the map changes. But if you wait longer (about 2 min. I think), then the game should go further.
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