Shadows calculation insanely long with a 5700xt gpu

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Shadows calculation insanely long with a 5700xt gpu

Post by Harest » 22 Feb 2021, 15:46


I didn't map in a while. Changed my PC since and i just did a map recently, a first one in ShootMania (Obstacle mode). Display cost of 10558. Nothing really big. Back then in TM² calculating shadows in high for such map would not take more than 2/3 minutes with the 7870 i had. Here it takes 30 minutes to an hour.

I did several tests now (clean MP install (with different user/common data folders to have default settings), Logs exec, ...), and the conclusion is relatively simple on what is actually happening: GPU isn't used properly while calculating shadows. It stays at around 3% usage while in TM2020 (testing purpose) it went to 98% gpu usage.

I feel like there's an issue with the 5700xt there (wouldn't be the first) and that i'm doomed because MP will never get updated anymore :/. Did anyone ever had such an issue? Where you able to fix it somehow? Not buying another GPU that is.

Just to clear things up, i can play without any issues, i've 146 fps, no vsync (freesync on), all good. It's really just during the shadows calculation the GPU just decides to "enter sleep mode" (just to illustrate, there's no such mode).
It's also not just tied to "high" shadows calculation, it's the same for all quality (low / default / high).

I've a log file if wanted where i just open a test map in the editor (old map of mine with also 10k5 display cost in TM²) and calculate shadows up to 10% before exiting the game. Not sure there's much in it though.

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