Maniaplanet 4 - November 2018 update

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Maniaplanet 4 - November 2018 update

Post by hawkeye2012 » 19 Nov 2018, 14:19

Hi all after this latest update, when making new maps, are we now limited to the size of 1mb and x amount of custom blocks.
I have tried putting maps onto the server over 1mb and no problem but they will not play in the game ?. Yet all the maps over
1mb already on work ok, is there a reason for this, map finished, map validated, shadows computed, all ok, loads onto server ok,
will not play in game ??. Also have noticed once the map is finished and you try and validate it, car will not start from start line
starting point is in the sky cmon guys somebody answer me. Cannot do any new maps now ??.

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