[Bug] Title Packs dont select in-game music correctly

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[Bug] Title Packs dont select in-game music correctly

Post by VMan2002 » 30 Jan 2019, 02:54

In the section of Title Pack settings shown below:
This should link to a folder containing music. However, when there are folders inside (such as Race/Day, Race/Night, Race/!Night, etc) the names are not accounted for, and any music will be chosen.

Code: Select all

SelectedMusicFolder/Race/Day: music1
SelectedMusicFolder/Race/Sunset: music2
SelectedMusicFolder/Race/!Night: music3
SelectedMusicFolder/Race/Night: music4
How it should be (with the folder structure above)
  • Sunrise: music3
  • Day: music1 and music3
  • Sunset: music2 and music3
  • Night: music4
How it is:
  • actually the game doesnt care what folders music tracks are in and just plays whatever it sees
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