Mesh modeller april update

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Mesh modeller april update

Post by xbx » 03 Apr 2019, 14:27

Detailed changelog for the meshmodeller:
  • - Import Mesh : Creates custom Mats if needed
    - Import Shape : Creates custom Mats if needed
    - Import Shape : Creates Triggershape Layer if needed (or add it to Triggershape layer already existing)
    - Materials : can't be used outside of envis
    - 3 UV Layers Materials (Turbos) : banned until good solution made
    - Camera handling : more precise, alt clic works as intended, doesn't interrupt what you were doing, better helpers display
    - Parts Merging : fixed issues
    - Copy Paste (and BlocTransfo and Mirror) : fixed crash with Parts being wrong
    - Shadow calc : cancelled if you saved and exit without any modification
    - Smooth Crystal : back in the game and has a better tolerance
    - Exit : Fixed a crash that was happening when editing a layer
    - Delete Mesh from item editor : was causing a crash after reloading the game cos it was at null
    - Layers tied together : Fixed
    - Step : can now be modified freely by typing the number you want
    - Fixed a memleak when loading materials of an item
    - Voxels / Cubes : fixed a lot of crashes linked to automatic Parts
    - Fixed red materials even though everything was expected to work
    - Fixed crashes when creating a BlockItem
    - New UI
    - Fixed Picking Materials in Titlepacks
    - Fixed Import Mesh from Titlepacks
    - Fixed Custom Materials management in Material Lib
    - Fixed Selection management, especially during AutoSave

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