[SERVER] Crashes on Windows version

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[SERVER] Crashes on Windows version

Post by killerboye » 16 Jul 2019, 19:27

Hi Nadeo,

I found a bug specifically with the Windows version of the Maniaplanet server (latest - 05/07/2019). I was able to reproduce it by using a set of maps. On Linux hosted servers or using the create server option in online/local play, this issue does not appear to happen.

There seems to be something wrong when trying to load the dedicated_SMStorm.pak

Log crash:

Set of maps I used to reproduce this, maps require Obstacle titlepack, it includes a matchsettings file as well, could be useful.
How to reproduce:
1. Start server with these maps and config
2. Skip the map 2 times
3. It should crash when loading the 3rd map

Files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pcj08542b6xpflf/Maps.zip?dl=1

Best regards,
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