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crash caused by HyperV

Posted: 14 Jun 2020, 08:44
by TMarc
Silver Xenial (on Steam) wrote:I finally resolved the CTD issue. In the linked share (!AsVTf2SIVBSei4ZIyVQ ... w?e=mWU15C) there's both cause, solution and proof of resolution in the picture starting with:

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The cause of the CTD was Hyper-V, to which ManiaPlanet seems to be allergic to. Simply having it installed (disabling it at boot time seems to do nothing) seems to give ManiaPlanet problems.

To resolve the issue, unmark the coloured checkboxes. They are related to the following Windows features:
  • Hyper-V client programs
  • Hypervisor platform
  • Windows Sandbox (it’s built on Hyper-V, so it must be disabled as well)
In addition to these, disable all Windows Defender Application Guards and (if on Windows 10 2004) WSL 2. Hyper-V is needed there as well.
Nadeo should really keep an eye on Microsoft, as they could drop an update that enables Hyper-V all of a sudden.
Or attempt to make ManiaPlanet and the next TrackMania more happy when Hyper-V is around.

More info on features requiring Hyper-V
P.S. picture here:
_ManiaPlanet_Resolved_CTD_Annotazione 2020-06-13 170031.png
_ManiaPlanet_Resolved_CTD_Annotazione 2020-06-13 170031.png (1.35 MiB) Viewed 275 times

Re: crash caused by HyperV

Posted: 14 Jun 2020, 18:51
by Miss
Interesting, I was able to run the game just fine with WSL2 and Hyper-V enabled.

Also, this is the same crash as Toffe's network-related crash. (Which I can confirm is already fixed in future updates.)