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[Crash Game] Meshmoddler

Posted: 13 Nov 2020, 13:07
by JakJak

This often happens randomly but when I'm on the meshmoddler, in a map the game crashes after a minute or even hours of work on it.

so nothing is recorded and I have to start all over again.
I send you the crash log

[ edit ] :
I can reproduce the crash of the game / it's horribly annoying because I just can't work with it crashing literally.

***See this video ( towards the end )

- You have to select about ten faces and apply any material on these pre-selected faces
- Then click on "custom uv mod "
- And the game literally crashes

is it possible to fix this ?



Re: [Crash Game] Meshmoddler

Posted: 16 Nov 2020, 19:27
by niebo26
Hello Jakjak

I cant seem to reproduce the bug in maniaplanet, do you have by any chance a 100% reproducing process (and maybe send the item where it happens 100% of the time) ?


Re: [Crash Game] Meshmoddler

Posted: 20 Nov 2020, 20:35
by JakJak
Hi Niebo :)

-1st step : you have to work 1-2h on your item in the meshmoddleur with the 'painting' tool without closing it or moving to another icon.

-2nd step, the game always crashes when there is a visual bug that applies the paint in + of the area you have selected.

Ex: on the video , when I choose the 2 squares as example and that I apply the texture , there is a visual bug which applies on the 2 squares + the 2 structure. when this bug this product and that you clicked on the "custom uv mod" it crashes directly.
***before applying the selection for light only ( in the video I do not select the pillars of the lamp)

***after applying the selection for the light :
(you see it selects the 2 rods in + of the rest while I had not selected them before)

1st remake :
(I noticed that this crash happens only when it's about texture where you can have the possibility of "custom uv mod" all the textures without it works perfectly and I don't have any game crashes.)

2nd :
( it is necessary to have this visual bug for it to crash and it happens after several hours of work on the mesh moddler )
I also noticed that for this crash to happen it is necessary to select a lot of selection surface of an item or object by applying only one material (materials with a uv custom mode).


I managed to get this problem on top of the same item in a reproducible way with this item:

-----Other video for the game crash :
(in the video I try with average and maximum visual parameters
I didn't get a crash log after these game crashes )

----I managed to reproduce this bug with my item : "garage1close.gbx" that you can download here :
EX of item that crashes the game :

----The other garages not this problem however I did not modify anything on the others:

Tuto for game crash : tried like in the crash video:
- paint tools:
- selected all the faces of the main light on the roof
- apply the "light" texture
- click on "custom uv mode".

The game is going to crash.

Edit+ : I've noticed that for the front grind the color changes for all my garages I've made :

tried to do like in video number one by selecting only the first 2 yellow lights in front of the garage and you'll have the same problem as me + a crash of the game.

it's not the first time it happens to me on items I create or modify.


please tell me if this crashes for you and try to find the cause of the problem + a fix?

I suspect may be the selection zones that breaks between it and the 3d object that breaks the game.

thx you very much :)

Re: [Crash Game] Meshmoddler

Posted: 06 Dec 2020, 14:28
by JakJak
Up ?

I noticed that it does it with any object of the game that you want to modify, it's enough to select + a 10ene of face and apply a texture with the customizable uv and it crashes.

Each time and whatever the object it creates a gray face that I had not selected when applying texture (crash only with uv mode texture) texture without uv mode no problem.

thx too fix this