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Custom Physics ?

Posted: 14 Aug 2019, 14:36
by benj9029

Was going through material editor (sry if it's the wrong forum category). I saw that small box saying "physics id", seeing that we were able to change for asphalt to turbo. I question went to my mind. Are we / will we able to create custom physics (even if it not casual user-friendly). During my reasearch for material I only found the material lib and a bunch of gbx that we can obviously not really use to understand how to makes new physics. Also, will we be able to create physics through code that could change car properties such as acceleration for example.

Found that, don't really now what to think about

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//#include "Common.Phlsl.txt"
#include "Techno3\Media\Text\PHLSL\Tech3 Common.PHlsl.Inc.Txt"

// pas si simple: cShadow / binding a def.
// #include "Effects\Media\Text\PHlsl\ShadowPssm.PHlsl.Inc.Txt"

struct PS_INPUT		{
	float4 RasterPos	: SV_Position;
	float4 Color0 		: COLOR0;
	float2 TexCoord0	: TEXCOORD0;
	float2 TexCoord1	: TEXCOORD1;
	float4 TcShadow		: TEXCOORD2;
struct PS_OUTPUT		{
	fpart4 Color	: SV_Target0;
SamplerState	SMapStem;
Texture2D		TMapStem;

#include "Techno3\Media\Text\PHLSL\Tech3 CommonShadow.PHlsl.Inc.txt"

PS_OUTPUT psMain(const PS_INPUT v) // ps_2_0
	const fpart4	Stem0 = TMapStem.Sample(SMapStem, v.TexCoord0);
	const fpart4	Stem1 = TMapStem.Sample(SMapStem, v.TexCoord1);

	SShadow 		Shadow;
	if (MMwIsEnabled(DUseDeferring) && 0) 
	{ 	// Image space: c'est plus compliqué:
		// le PSSM est appliquée au fond de l'eau, pas à la surface
		// => PSSM custom ?
		Shadow = GetShadowFromLightMask(v.RasterPos.xy);
	else {
		Shadow = GetShadowFromLightDepth(v.TcShadow);

	float 	Opacity = v.Color0.a*saturate(Stem0.a + Stem1.a);

	float3	mDiffuse= v.Color0.rgb;

	float3	nNormalInW = float3(0,1,0);

	float3	LDiffusAmb = GbxP_LightAmbientLinear.rgb;	// better ?

	LDiffusAmb *= Shadow.AmbientOcc;	// on occlude avant LDir0 (pb avec Light Direct Local : faussement occludé)

	float3	LDiffusDir0;
	LDiffusDir0 = GbxP_LightDirRgbLinear0.rgb*Shadow.LDir0_Specular;
	LDiffusDir0*= max(0, dot(nNormalInW,;	

	float3	LDiffus = LDiffusAmb + LDiffusDir0;

	float	OpacityDbg = Opacity;
	if (MDbg_IsEnabled) 
	{ 	// Make the primitive fully opaque when debuggin layers:
		Opacity 	 = 1;

	PS_OUTPUT	Output;
	Output.Color.rgb = mDiffuse * LDiffus;
	Output.Color.rgb*= Opacity;
	Output.Color.a 	 = Opacity;

//	Output.Color = Output.Color*1e-7 + float4(,1);
//	Output.Color = Output.Color*1e-7 + float4(,1);
	MDbg_Opacity(			OpacityDbg);
	MDbg_MapDiffuse(		mDiffuse);
	MDbg_LightDiffuse(		HdrToneMap(LDiffus));
	MDbg_LightDiffuseAmb(	HdrToneMap(LDiffusAmb));
	MDbg_LightDiffuseDir0(	HdrToneMap(LDiffusDir0));

	return Output;

/* Was fixed function:
Layer 0
TexOp		Replace (0)	
TexInput	EGxTexInput_Current (0)	
TexArg		EGxTexArg_Texture (0)	
TexOutput	EGxTexOutput_Current (0)	

Layer 1	
TexOp		AddAlpha (19)	
TexInput	EGxTexInput_Current (0)	
TexArg		EGxTexArg_Texture (0)	
TexOutput	EGxTexOutput_Current (0)

TexOp		ReplaceRGB_ModulateAlpha (21)	
TexInput	EGxTexInput_Current (0)	
TexArg		EGxTexArg_VColor0 (1)	
TexOutput	EGxTexOutput_Current (0)


Re: Custom Physics ?

Posted: 14 Aug 2019, 19:14
by Florenzius
It's not possible atm and I doubt it will be in the near future.