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Re: Planets

Post by i7mean » 12 Feb 2017, 18:39

Maybe because Planets for casuals and simple players are 101% useless. Why dl things in manialink if there's a free version on websites. Nobody buys tags neither. So there is this amount of players who for sure has a total of millions planets never used for anything ('cause nothing to do with it) and these planets are just lost because not in the market place and not circulating. Plus there's not that much people in servers to make donations and tbh most people don't want to give it to servers (maybe they are afraid of something?). So yeah, pretty much dead money.

For example the only things I bought with planets are :
- 2 Gold Tags (the same for me and a friend) : 10 000 + 10 000 + 1 000 = 21 000 p
- 1 Silver Tag : 3 000 + 300 = 3 300 p
- 10<x<20 Skins : ~1 000 p
I must have given maybe 5 000 p to servers. Maybe 5 000 p to other players. More than 15 000 p as exchange for coppers (which at least are useful in tmuf).

Total : 50 300 p. In 5 years or so (I don't even remember when ManiaPlanet started).

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