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MOD | problem: Help!

Post by areelvestad » 07 Mar 2017, 17:01


I've started working on my own "environmental" mod to Shootmania, and I currently have a problem with the reflection of the skybox on low settings. This is my first mod-project, so I have no experience with how it works. Only have experience with skin-making in TrackMania.
The problem I have is that I can't get the reference texture for the skybox reflection from the water to fit perfectly. File is the

o Image of the problem: ... r.jpg?dl=0

This only occurs on low settings (water-reflection turned off).

What I need help with is how to make that file properly.

The way I made it:
1: Tried to find the middle-point in the editor. I used coordinates. 192, 192, 192.
2: FOV set to 90. Resolution of client: 512x512. Windowed mode, without borders.
3: Took 4 screenshots with the "Yaw" at 0, 90, 180 and 270 in the mediatracker. Then screenshots of up + down.
4: Stitched it in Photoshop, saved as cubed dds-file.
Image of the DDS-file: ... r.jpg?dl=0
Note: Ground lightning strength is not perfect (Mood.MoodSetting.xml related).

What went wrong:
o Stitching isn't perfect. Upper-part of the screenshots (clouds) didn't match 100%, ground/horizon did almost.
o The sky (looking straight down in the water) is reflected darker than the rest.

So what I want to know is how do you make this file, since I could't get the stitches to match. Is there a "formula" on how to make the file?

If you have some knowledge of this, please give! Anything can help, as I have so little knowledge of modding in Maniaplanet (I have a lot more problems that this). You can also contact me on Discord (Elvestad #3694).

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Re: MOD | problem: Help!

Post by kadaz » 19 Mar 2017, 03:46

file image is gone, reup? .. just checking.
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Re: MOD | problem: Help!

Post by areelvestad » 03 Apr 2017, 16:10

kadaz wrote:
19 Mar 2017, 03:46
file image is gone, reup? .. just checking.
Yep, link had changed on dropbox, fixed. thanks!

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