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Re: Questions and answers

Post by SoraTWE » 13 Sep 2017, 17:16

I have the problem since MP4,that,when I open a browserlink ingame,for example above ingame on links and then on maniaplanet website, microsoft edge is opening,but in an empty page,this is for everything I open ingame for weblinks...
but my favorite/standard browser is firefox..
Is there a chance to make firefox favorite to MP4 ? Microsoft Edge isn't doing its job for MP...

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by HYPE » 17 Sep 2017, 12:52

When will Hello Planet 7 come?
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Jaylinx » Yesterday, 16:55

Hello I have a few questions about Maniaplanet.

I didn't play for a few months and last time I checked, after the update, a lot of things changed.

- Stations are stuck in their place, impossible to move them, impossible to resize them
- It does not care about my titles organization, everytime I play a game, all my titles change place. I used to have a well organized MP page, it's not possible anymore.

Sorry if it has ever been talked about and sorry for my english !

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