"UI is bad" Why?

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Re: "UI is bad" Why?

Post by Miss » 22 Jun 2018, 12:54

Uaseco's defaults are indeed way too crowded and lots of new players complain about it being super confusing. This is however not Nadeo's burden, but rather server hosters and undef.
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Re: "UI is bad" Why?

Post by TMarc » 22 Jun 2018, 13:23

The problem is that players don't know and also don't care. They thinknit is all part of the game by Nadeo/Ubisoft.
They expect a perfect experience, but this is spoiled right from the beginning: payment issues, installation and updater issues, key issue especially with Steam, menu system and title system, servers, server controllers, ads, donations and virtual fees for custom contents, maps and custom content in general.

If I would not know all the history and especially the great people behind, I would also say that Maniaplanet and everything around is a complete mess.

Perhaps there should be a clearly visible distinguishion between original Nadeo stuff and custom stuff.

But then, the Nadeo stuff needs to be really perfect. Somehow like they did it with Turbo (knowing well the disantvatages there).
And the custom content is simply custom, to be taken as it is.
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