Suggestion+Complaint: Map sizes and lightmap quality in 2020

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Re: Suggestion+Complaint: Map sizes and lightmap quality in 2020

Post by Harest » 07 Mar 2020, 20:28

TMarc wrote:
07 Mar 2020, 10:35
That's not true. In France they have had gigabit optical fibre to the homes much earlier than in Germany for example.
Of course it depends where you are living and which backbone is available.
Currently I for example can only have DSL with 50MBit/s, no fibre, no cable. And this not very far from a big city. It's just an old outskirt town part.
Fibre will be available soon in the next street, but surprisingly not ours...
I live in France. Do you want to talk about the %age of coverage with that "gigabit optical fiber"? :lol: Spoiler: It's ridiculous.
You're overestimating Internet access in France WAY too much. The fiber i've for instance is a poor FTTB 100/5Mb. This upload is trash. Even the few lucky ones that have VDSL2+ are able to get a better upload. Sure, the download is okay.
A lot of people still have an ADSL connection without much more than 1-10 Mbits download.

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Re: Suggestion+Complaint: Map sizes and lightmap quality in 2020

Post by oliverde8 » 07 Mar 2020, 21:08

Well what needs to be taken into consideration with the internet that evolved over the years is that:

- people that used to have crappy internet have now an even crappier internet for today's standard; best case scenario they went from a theoretical 10mbit to a 20mbit connection.
- people that had a great connection for the time still have a great connection but for today's standards. They went from having 20mbit adsl to 500mbit fiber.

This is something that most website don't take into consideration as well.
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Re: Suggestion+Complaint: Map sizes and lightmap quality in 2020

Post by MatheusKS » 09 Apr 2020, 19:36

As far as maps are still files, not streamable packets and not having 9798279793279479278942473297 maps downloaded (like I have :roflol: ) I totally agree with all this. ManiaPlanet needs a graphic overhaul (on engine level)

(As curiosity regarding connections, where I live 50-100 Mbps or more are sold only for companies usually, ISPs don't sell these kind of connections to consumers. Wireless networks are common, with fibre/DSL only on few selected places. A friend living in Australia said there's worse).
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