MP 2 Welcome Screen (Windows 8?)

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Re: MP 2 Welcome Screen (Windows 8?)

Post by Hylis » 25 Jul 2012, 19:08

The interface of Maniaplanet 2.0 can do more in the future, and many choices are made for this. The future is always too long to come, but at least, if it happens, we will be ready to go toward nice goals and features with this interface.

It is a pure coincidence with Windows 8, but probably a logical one since we require probably similar functions. Pak looks like application setup files and front end is somehow a list of installed applications. The way to display it is rectangles, side to side, with a scroll/zoom function to enable browsing. I don't know if there is zoom on Windows 8, I never tried it, but I suppose.

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Re: MP 2 Welcome Screen (Windows 8?)

Post by AlexKF » 11 Aug 2012, 22:39

Sorry, but seeing as 'the future' is obviously at least 3 - 4 years away, can't you keep the good, easy, simple PC interface rather than getting the touch-screen feel... seriously! It doesn't make sense to make it all work on tablets NOW seeing as it's NOT on tablets.... Arghhhhhh *facepalm*

OR EVEN BETTER.... when you do get it for tablets just save this interface and use it on that OS/platform... there is not a single reason why you should have a tablet UI on a PC, it is folly.

Please listen to me! Or please explain....... :cry:

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