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Re: Questions and answers

Post by m0ritz » 22 Jun 2015, 14:12

Can one change their nickname as often they want? Like in Maniaplanet/TrackMania with these $-codes ($s, $fff etc.) or will TMT always display the uPlay-Nickname?

Since there will be TMT for consoles I think that you'll sell it in packages/boxes for XBONE and PS4. Will you sell the PC version also in boxes?
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Lorisa » 29 Jun 2015, 11:38

Hylis wrote:1/Not really*
Last/Same with optimization and some additional effects

* there will be upgrades, but some could be the same some could be different

To clarify, Maniaplanet will stay with the 4 environments. We will do some upgrades on them, including some elements made on TMT, but we will not have like 4 additional but similar environments side by side of the others.
Wait a second.. We can not share the maps? Are you kidding, or intentionally trim the possibility of a new game? (I mean TrackMania Turbo).

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by TheBigMiike » 29 Jun 2015, 13:59

What does "Try hard" means in the E3 Trailer ? It's a repeating sentence on signs like "Double Driver" we can see on the trailer so ...Is it a new gamemode like "Double Driver" ? :)
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Cerovan » 29 Jun 2015, 14:20

TheBigMiike wrote:What does "Try hard" means in the E3 Trailer ?
Just to keep trying improve your time :mrgreen:
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by racetal » 30 Jun 2015, 20:32

yo nadeo moderators, can you please tell me when will the tm2 solo overall rank be complete?
(I mean one total rank to stadium, canyon and valley for the solo SkillPoints ladder in-game).
the way it is now: too much ranks are in the game and it's a big mess.
I saw that you have a "soon" rank but this soon is for years already. thx, Racetal.

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About TM Turbo

Post by zhenya123 » 04 Aug 2015, 11:28

Will car skins, 3d models allowed on consoles version of TM turbo? ( like maniapark in maniaplanet )

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by spikeballthehedgehog » 26 Nov 2015, 15:43

Will we see even some minor updates anytime before the turbo release or MP4? It feels like the MP has been left to die in the wake of TM Turbo (Not that it has)

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by LeroyNicolas » 16 Dec 2015, 16:43

Hylis wrote:random oiram

MrA, before inviting too many people into the game, I would like to make it solid and with upcoming good features. So, it is good that it is in beta and that we can work on it without having too many people going in. We may provide additional and longer beta keys to some communities or even players, in Monte escalier électrique order to keep testing with enough people to dig and find good issues, but my list of 'things to do' is too interesting for me to hope for people to come now instead of later.

We have a plan 8-)
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by TheBigMiike » 11 Feb 2016, 21:54

The most important question for me :

Will ManiaPlanet welcome a titlepack like TMT with
- 4 environnements together
- ManiaScript
- 3D / 2D Skins
- MediaTracker
- TMT textures, objects, cars and stickers
- Double Driver, Chase Mode, Customs gamemodes,...
- 200 Solo maps
- ...
at 39.99 € ?

And potentially, public hubs hosted by Ubisoft :) ?
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by fng_thatoneguy » 11 Feb 2016, 21:57

I was assuming it would be more like any of the other TM2 titles where it costs $19.99 USD (whatever your currency's equivalent is) -- and it would be added to the TM2 Title Pack.

The extra modes (some) could be scripted.. the Double Driver might have to be coded directly into the game... but if that's the case, I'd rather them not add that until later so we can have the environment sooner.


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