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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Filipe1020 » 02 Nov 2014, 18:15

oiram456 wrote:Hylis was there on stage when the players got their prizes, tho he said nothing
Oh damn... Well maybe once they're done with PGW completely they might show something, I can dream atleast :?

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by The_Big_Boo » 02 Nov 2014, 18:57

Filipe1020 wrote:TM2 Lagoon showed up shortly before the PGW events on the game's files.
July isn't shortly before today but almost everybody missed that post.
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Soprah » 02 Nov 2014, 23:18

I am quite disappointed that Nadeo didn't announce anything since such big events are just perfect for that. I simply don't understand why they are so careful about revealing stuff. If things might change or will be even completely removed, no problem. That wouldn't matter because we would highly appreciate that you used the desired suggestion of the community to make more teasers. To emphasize: No matter if the showed feature of the teaser will be changed drastically, no matter how bad the teaser is, we would thank god that we were able to convince Nadeo to change their attitude in a good direction.

Please, do not get me wrong:
My post shall not appear as if you wouldn't listen to the community. In fact, you do as we've realised with the incredible annoucement of the ''Road to Gamers Assembly'' which enables unlimited multiplayer access. That is truely a good thing. But this post is about teasers and in general the lack of communication where Nadeo definitely has to work on.

To make full use of this Q&A thread:
Will we ever see more, regular teasers instead of 1-2 per year?
And please not only a ''No''. I would like to hear Nadeo's reasons why they hesitate doing more teasers.


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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Hylis » 03 Nov 2014, 10:24

It would have been too soon to present something at this year ESWC. We need a six months quiet period to prepare next big steps and communications, since making too many small announcement can also be a trouble to reach wider audience instead of only the community one. I wish to come back with something to present at the Gamers Assembly, even if it's too early for us to schedule what we can say.

I understand that teasing can be a way to make big announcements bigger, of course, but I would like to avoid this feeling that wish lists and teasers are making people wait for the future. It seems to make waiting time longer and people concentrate on the future instead of what they have. We released Storm, Stadium & Valley last year, and we released Maniaplanet 3 this year, with tons of really powerful & useful things (even if really hard to see for the players) Maniaplanet 3 was about working on foundations, and it can be difficult to see what have been done, but it was a necessity to build upon. 6500 players where connected simultaneously on Nadeo games yesterday, and it's still good when you think that we had to develop our own platform on the last years.

I hope these six months will be efficient for various creative or competitive stuff to happen. On the creative side, we just put the title store in welcome page, all servers in the browsers (even from uninstall titles) and we will also increase a little the size limit of embedded items. On the competition side of things, we are also supporting it in many ways, in addition to make Stadium & Storm free multiplayer.

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by novationx » 03 Nov 2014, 11:42

So in 6months there will be that powerup? Or is the powerup something different?
Ty for the explanation with your post. :thumbsup:
The neverending waiting game has to stop.

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Hylis » 03 Nov 2014, 13:37

The goal would be to start a closed beta on Power Up, yes. Or an alpha, as Power Up can be a lot of things.

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Tipiizor » 03 Nov 2014, 13:43

Hylis wrote:On the creative side, we just put the title store in welcome page, all servers in the browsers (even from uninstall titles)
That was a loooooooooooong wait, but thanks for making it !!!
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Nerpson » 03 Nov 2014, 15:52

That sounds great! Hope that it will come soon! :)

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by haenry » 03 Nov 2014, 21:36

That's a great post, Hylis. :thx:
Thank you a lot. Now we know when we can expect the next thing. For me it is easier to wait, if I know when something is coming.
e.g. Waiting for a bus without a schedule can be really annoying. :mrgreen:
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Omnixor » 03 Nov 2014, 23:16

unrelated question: Hylis, would you have the guts to make another "are you happy?" poll (like in 2010) with public results? :)
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