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ManiaPlanetarians Charter

Post by Cerovan » 27 Mar 2013, 17:25

Hello ManiaPlanetarians,

Here’s some advice for maintaining good sportsmanship on the servers:

Remember that this is a game and that players are here to have fun.

Be positive! It’s always more fun to play when everyone is friendly on the servers – chatting and laughing in the spirit of fun.

No rage. As we know, ManiaPlanet® games are competitive games. It’s totally normal to be disappointed or even frustrated after a match, but remember that players are here to have fun!

Be a mentor. The ManiaPlanet community has always been helpful to new members and active on the forum. Get involved and be a part of the tradition!

Be friends! Having friends is a great way to enjoy the game and enables players to use several tools, like the Quick Join feature and real-time in-game chat!

For the complete Terms of Use, please review the: Ubisoft Terms of Use.
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