Your top wish list for update #2

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Your top wish list for update #2

Post by Hylis » 21 May 2013, 09:59

Hello there,

Here is the topic to express you desire of the top things you would like Nadeo to do/fix first. And if you ever want to enter a debate on what 'the community' wants, you can also include a top list of what you think Nadeo should do for "the community" : Shootmania & Trackmania.

You top can be only one thing, if you are less aware, or many points. However, keep it really clear. Link to reports are welcome but not a necessity.

1. binding Alt key
2. SLI support
3. Elite free edition
4. Stadium release
5. Valley release

Anything that is not in the format of a clear top, with short lines, will be deleted. The goal is to provide a clear picture of what each player wants.

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Re: Your top wish list

Post by Omnixor » 21 May 2013, 10:06

0. different gfx and input settings for titles
1. stadium cameras bugs
2. proper keyboard navigation
3. PB times not shown in local and solo play
4. old cam7 in stadium
5. Valley beta
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by xxluke » 21 May 2013, 10:09

1. Remove a lot of the bugs, especially the ones which could be fixed in only a few hours of working time.
2. Add the small suggestions which you can add in a few hours or minutes
3. Better keyboard navigation (especially for maniaplanet-chat!)
4. UI in replays
5. Elite free Edition for more players
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by darkpuddle1 » 21 May 2013, 10:20

1. Valley release
2. Undo button in mediatracker
3. Stadium Release
4. Old Cam 7 like in TMNF
5. Maybe the NadeoImporter can have a UI to make it simpler (If that's possible)
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by zarexz » 21 May 2013, 10:25

1. All sound issues. Volume sliders and engine sounds. :thumbsup:
2. Minifreezes from either buddy or server chat. :thumbsup:
3. Cambugs.
4. Valley beta.
5. Undo button in the mediatracker. If possible at all.
6. Quicksave option in the track editor.
7. A manialink and title directory.
8. Keyboard navigation.

I've edit this post to ad some more whishes.
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by steeffeen » 21 May 2013, 10:25

1. Enable creation of new Trial Accounts (free ShootMania accounts) is that the "Free Elite"? don't know
2. the "very important" bugs on the ManiaScript bug list Link
3. Fix custom menu manialink bugs in title packs Link
4. [placeholder for the bugs concerning stadium] (stadium release candidate version)
5. offline sm players keep being spawned on the server Link
6. let the chat disappear after some time

obviously a list by a developer :lol:

//Edit: added 6.
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    Re: Your top wish list

    Post by TheM » 21 May 2013, 10:27

    1. Valley release (or even better: closed beta :D)
    2. Provide clear Dedicated Server documentation in one place (really in ONE place)
    3. A real priority list given by NADEO
    4. More information on when bugs are being fixed
    5. Give more clearity of fixed bugs, like here
    6. Ow... and that Stadium release soon (I heard that it's possible dev-wise)
    7. Community campaigns for TM2 (see tcq's post)
    7. Pay moderators for the work they do (in my dreams of course :D ^^)
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    Re: Your top wish list

    Post by TGYoshi » 21 May 2013, 10:28

    One single thing:
    Rework the idea of titles. Community-created packs have to be advertised so much to have a few players... They just don't work well.

    Personally I love how for example OpenTTD ( ) does it.
    They share ONE SERVER LIST and to join the server you have to have certain 'mods' (NewGRFs) installed (unless vanilla of course), in Maniaplanet this could be those .Pak files.
    If you do not have them installed, the server is visible with some yellow circle in that game, and you can download the NewGRF's with a single click if they're stored in the central database. Then you can join it.

    This is, in my opinion, a much better way for user-created-content sharing on servers compared to title packs, seperated servers and stuff.

    I know it's quite hard to change everything around at this point, but it really deserved some attention.

    (Another little point: Update the wiki, or just open it up for the community to do so)

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    Re: Your top wish list

    Post by kremsy » 21 May 2013, 10:30

    1. Removing of the Bugs especially from the Game-crashes would be nice
    2. Improving of the Net-Code
    3. Auto-update of Titlepackfiles for the dedicated without restarting the server, just fetched by link
    4. Elite free for all
    5. Display Combo Servers which using no MatchMaking system
    6. Improvements of the Webservices
    --> Fixing missing, invalid zone flags
    --> Include the Global Path in the Rank-fetch
    --> Possability to fetch a list of Online-Players which are Playing on Servers (PlayerId, ServerId)
    --> Add Unique Map-Id to the Maplist of the next 15 Maps on fetching Server Detailed Info
    7. Possibility in combo for the sensitivity of changing weapons (2 units of mouse-wheel or one)
    8. Add global rank to the Player rpc_infos
    9. MultiPlayer Map-Editor
    10. Make modifications on the Elite ladder system.
    11. Heroes Ladder stuck at 20k since weeks
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    Re: Your top wish list

    Post by Akbalder » 21 May 2013, 10:32

    1. Better UI for main menu (not having to load a title pack before choosing a server)
    2. Multi environment
    3. Fix: Correct display through offzone (colors of goals, water...)
    4. Fix: Not changing the maximum number of players of the server when people from guestlist are already on the server
    5. Fix: Possibility to display the logo on the goals when the goal isn't at 100% (Goal.Captured = True)


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