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Re: Your top wish list

Post by HaagseSmurf » 21 May 2013, 10:52

1) Valley
2) Further improvement of the dedicated server, such as cpu usage.
3) Peer to peer improvement, after clearing the cache most old signs wont work anymore
4a) Buddychat: Some online people dont show online and some offline people still show online.
4b) Buddychat: Why do some people appear with their nickname and others only with their login?
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by w1lla » 21 May 2013, 11:13

Trackmania Additions:

1) CPTimes Advantage/Loss: 01:56.876 or a +00:00.000/-00:00.000 not 0:00.00 or +0:00.00/-0:00.00.
2) In Legacy Browser try to add a New Entry for Script as its only possible to see in All.
3) Type /s Can be seen by everybody but Why? as its only for Spectators
4) Fix Dedicated Relay Issues
5) Ensure a proper Way to make the Wiki accesible to All but make a good moderation of it.
6) Try to use a better way to send data towards a RelayServer. Now you have to make 2 plugins to make sure the server sends Manialinks towards the Relay.

General Additions
7) Not the Least one of Priorities: ManiaTeam back for TM and SM maybe. Try to give the community its power back.
8) Horns Problem: ... 68&t=19251
9) Fix the PlayerPage Teams Page as you can't Remove a Team from it if your admin of the team.

Shootmania Additions:
10) Fix the Bots bug(FYI Nadeo if more info needed send a PM wont go elusive with it.)
Create 6+ bots do some Perfect/Noob ATK-DEF Rounds and you still get LadderPoints.
11) AutoBalance: When this happens some players get eliminated and need to wait for 1 round more to join/play in there team. This should be only done in EndRound or just Before.

12) Keep up the hard work that you do for us in return :thx: <3
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by gregomyeggo » 21 May 2013, 11:22

1: free to play elite/royal/combo
2: Advertising
3: More larger NA tournaments
4: make combo [more accessible and visible]
5: [Improve matchmaking to have less clicks to get there]
6: true elo system.
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by tcq » 21 May 2013, 11:27

1) Different configuration files for different titles
With this I mean, allow different graphical configurations (as my canyon settings are unplayable in stadium/storm), different key settings that don't interfere with the different titles (spacebar for chatting in trackmania, enter for chatting in shootmania) and at last but not least different profiles, including different nicknames/colour codes for each titel.

2) multi environment servers
They need to be available until the valley release, else the whole community will be spilt apart and no title will have a sufficient amount of players to be successful/enjoyable by itself.

3) Valley beta

4) Chat history
Buddychat: store chats and show a history of the last 5-10 sentences that were written in the last conversation.

5) Reform the ROC system for trackmania.
3 hours on a Sunday afternoon (for European players) is the worst thing to do if you have other commitments at that time or if this time slot is not even in your time zone. Provide official map packs each month. At the moment there is the problem of highly diverse map packs, some of them badly designed, containing cuts or not suitable for rounds racing. If there are X ROC servers, the possibility to train x*14 maps is simply to high if the server that you trained for is completely full and you can't join or for example not online for one weekend.

6) Duoaccounts
Possibility to create different login names for duo maps. Maybe a verification system where you can build a map and add an author from your friend list. If he accepts, for this map the author name will your login and his login.

7) Community campaigns for TM2
The community is great and provides brilliant maps. Make selections of them them accessible through official updates, such as each half year. As it was done with the star tracks campaign, do something like this on a more regular basis.

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Re: Your top wish list

Post by BigBuddha » 21 May 2013, 11:30

1. Elite and Royal free as it has been announced. => More players.
2. Multi-Envi Servers
3. Improve Titles Menu. For example, load the last played title instantly etc.
4. Stadium release and Valley beta.
5. Integrated "Blockmix" like depicted here.
6. Different configs for different titles. Or at least for different games (Storm and Canyon for example).

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Re: Your top wish list

Post by nAka » 21 May 2013, 12:17

Do a real matchmaking with a real ranking with team ranking :D
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by ManiacTwister » 21 May 2013, 12:25

1. Native Linux Client - PLEASE!
2 . Anything other
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by YonCan » 21 May 2013, 12:27

1. proper keyboard/controller navigation
2. different gfx and input settings for titles
3. stadium camera bugs
4. sound issues
5. 's' for saving in editor + quicksave function
6. Valley beta
7. single player for shootmania (without the need for struggling with scripts ;) :arrow: An easy way to create single player maps like "Go from A to B, battling the bots along your way")
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by shuin » 21 May 2013, 13:30

1. Valley and Stadium Release : "early 2013" (valley stadium)
2. multi environment servers
3. Elite and Royal free for all

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Re: Your top wish list

Post by riolu » 21 May 2013, 13:58

1) Valley
2) Advanced replay saving option (especially for Shootmania, if I want to save a good round in Elite for example, it saves the previously played rounds mostly as well).
3) Fix the smaller bugs in the solo mode (which are probably bothering the solo hunters only)
- amount of SP, personal best and official time not shown in the loading screen
- show the milliseconds in the official ladder for each track
- switching between the zones sometimes bugged (i reported this already, not sure if I ever got a reply)
4) Different configurations for different titles


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