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Re: Your top wish list

Post by Zooz » 30 May 2013, 23:29

1. Valley release
2. Multi-env servers
3. Usability tests and overhaul of interface
4. Stadium 2 release
5. Rally 2 release
6. Desert 2 release
7. Island 2 release
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by Tom.K » 31 May 2013, 09:14

1. Fully functional offline mode for SM (Offline LAN party and Map Editor) and TM (Single Player mode is currently unavailable while playing offline). What to do when you're on vacation with no internet?

2. Making maps by choosing enviroment and vehicle (or SM player) from different or same enviroments (i.e. Making map editing more flexible and compatible between TM and SM by making blocks which work in TM and in SM).

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Re: Your top wish list

Post by Bramble » 02 Jun 2013, 09:58

Zooz wrote:1. Valley release
2. Multi-env servers
3. Usability tests and overhaul of interface
4. Stadium 2 release
5. Rally 2 release
6. Desert 2 release
7. Island 2 release
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by andrus » 02 Jun 2013, 16:14

1.IMPORT TMUF ENVIROS(not even improve them, just import, with all old shaders) AND IM ALL YOURS
2.multi-envir servers
3.Stop that separate ladder for different titles stuff. In order to make normal servers first on list (not noob servers) I have to play at least 10 hours on each title.
4. separate nickname for SM and TM, but same settings for titles (I hate changing crosshairs in every title and changing controls in every new titlepack I download)
5. custom objects available in official title packs (you can solve the problem of missing files by hosting best objects (if I want my object to become official and server-playable, i send it to nadeo, and if they approve its quality, they host the file. then the nadeo locator file is attached to maps, so players who dont have the object just need to wait 20 seconds longer to play the map on server)
6.fix chat bug (seems I'm the only one that has this problem, I can write on chat only if i play, but not when i spec or when im dead for example in royal)
7.delete the BUY SHOOTMANIA advert in main menu of TMUF(not necessary if you do point 1 :D) and MP if i had already bought it.

I really miss the old times when every 2 months we would organise a themed event like TMO evening and me and 19 buddies would play 3 enviros all night. Now switching servers to play something different is annoying.

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Re: Your top wish list

Post by JumperJack » 02 Jun 2013, 17:30

well yes, it didn't cross my mind earlier, but getting the old TMUF-environments in tm2 would get on top of my list as well. ;)
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by knxv1lle » 02 Jun 2013, 21:03

1. Fix netcode. It just can't be the case, that one player brings EVERYONEs ping down. What if someone streams a Pro-Game and they can't play properly because of the streamer -> makes no sense.
2. Pause functionality or something, that enables breaks when someones has problems / disconnects.
3. Proper map-banning, just copy LoL-Client 1:1 (not in Adobe Air). Please see this doc from Nimbus.
4. Make chat disappear after X seconds (configurable)
5. Hit-history. Where can I check on hits? "C" only opens complete chat.
6. Enable delay for specators. Just make it a setting --> "x" seconds"
7. "Shop"-Button, no URL (wtf!). If you want to make money through micropayments, make it easy for users.
8. Make Clublinks easier. No one get's it without using Google and upload something so some Website and add crazy Colorscodes.
9. Enable custom Horn-upload / host them (let them pay for it!).
10. Less hardware hungry (why does the map outside of the real map have to be so big?! --> yes I made the "max fps"-thread :))
10. Let me remove buddies ingame
11. Let me favorite servers in serverbrowser.
12. Enable "map"-replays. ALL rounds from one map.
13. Fix Interface bug. When I "ESC" -> "interface settings" -> change nothing, because I missclicked, my crosshair changes to default!
14. Custom interface. Everythings customizable, so let 'em design their own interface. (Or make a less cluttered one). (OR let them pay for own design OR reward designers for uploading new interfaces, whatever).

Other than that, the game is pure fun. Little things make it frustrating sometimes. Please keep it going Nadeo and push small and constant updates.

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Re: Your top wish list

Post by andrus » 03 Jun 2013, 17:56

I've read some previous requests so I could also add:
3 and 1/2: add nadeo-made puzzle mode and stunt mode (or promote the player-made Stunters title more, like 10% of chance for the main menu advert to show not some manialink advert, but "download more titlepacks here" or sth like this :D

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Re: Your top wish list

Post by NJin » 07 Jun 2013, 20:56

1. more custom manialinks (for solo -,multiplayer -, local - and editor menu)

For ShootMania Storm:
2. set player.staminagain and player.staminamax (in maniascript) command to 10.0 not 1.0 (for custom gamemodes)
3. set a new command (player.walkingspeed) from 0.01 to 10.0 for maniascript
4. More Weapons (like a standard machine gun)

For TrackMania 2:
5. new envionment called "ocean" like in this video:
6. valley release
7. Weapon Items like in Mario or Blur :roflol:
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Re: Your top wish list

Post by Stephen_yen » 08 Jun 2013, 14:30

1. Valley release
2. Stadium release with new blocks
3. multi-environment servers
4. Fix landing bugs in stadium
5. Improve the spectator camera in shootmania
6. more uses for planets

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Re: Your top wish list

Post by Mariomarco » 10 Jun 2013, 16:09

1. Multienv Server
2. Microblock editor including an logic programming interface
(interface, modular Blocks)
2.1 and the possibility to combine them would allow to trigger lights at certain points or move other parts of the map... (animation suggestion)
3.Give us all possible maniascript variables to change and create crazy mods.


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