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Alternative ManiaPlanet Server Browser

Post by jonthekiller » 03 Jun 2013, 10:04


I developed an alternative ManiaPlanet server browser to compensate the lack of features of the ingame browser.

Here is a list of features (not exhaustive):
  • Refresh every 5 minutes
  • Display combining all environments simultaneously
  • Showing 50 servers per page
  • Filtering by titlepack
  • Filtering area of 1st and 2nd level
  • Search servers from its name without formatting, its login or its gamemode
  • Viewing your favorite servers
  • Detail servers with the list of players and maps coming
  • Direct connection to player or spectator
  • To hide full, empty, public, private, beginners servers

You can test it here: ... er_Browser

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Re: Alternative ManiaPlanet Server Browser

Post by knxv1lle » 03 Jun 2013, 11:10


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Re: Alternative ManiaPlanet Server Browser

Post by spaii » 03 Jun 2013, 11:59

Nice !! :thumbsup:

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