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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by Kegulf » 02 Jul 2013, 19:12

1. Valleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D <3
2. Stylesheets issues for custom titles :p
3. Duo Mapeditor? :o 2 people can work on the same map, this would be fantasticly fun :D
5. Speedpads, like in TM? :p

Thanks you :)
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by wDaan » 02 Jul 2013, 19:37

For both TMs allow the games to differentiate between xbox 360 controller triggers, rather than relying on an automatic binding of brake to the left trigger. (Which seems to have broken with update #2)

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by purification » 02 Jul 2013, 20:01

My wishlist :

1. Action Maker :3
2. Valley
3. Next TM asian environnment ???
4. Waterfalls :yes:
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by SiH13 » 02 Jul 2013, 20:22

1. Actionmaker (What I really need right now :) )

2.Bots you can control/EASY script.
#1: Command him to stand at one place and attack from it (defensive).
#2: Command him to attack me (offencive)
#3: Command him to observe and only attack if you enter a certain area
#4: Command him to walk around in a certain area

Free choose of 3D model (deafult: stormman)
Can be used both in maps, like with the frogs, and for moviemaking. Machinimas and such. (Can improve advertising :mrgreen: )

3. Scripting for noobs :mrgreen:

4. Next map button after finishing a map in the solo mode. I find it annoying to go back to the menu, select the next map and then load.

5. Chatlog. I was quitting the game and noticed I had a new message when it was too late. Its not possible to know what he wrote :cry:

6. On/off button for estimated landing spot for the jump-pads in sm. Its stress to place it, click on the button to view it, move it and check again.

7. Horde release

8. unlimited size limit for rendering clips

9. reduced motionblur while rendering.
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by w1lla » 02 Jul 2013, 20:33


1) Profile - Horns: ... =0#p163812
2) CPTimes Advantage/Loss: 01:56.876 or a +00:00.000/-00:00.000
3) Server Browser: Legacy Browser; Addition: Custom GameModes/Scripts in Filter GameMode[Script]
4) Fix Dedicated Relay since 26-04-2013 broken ... 85#p172150 , ... 06#p175306
5) Fix Trackmania Callbacks with latest API: ... 89#p171319
6) Bots in a Server can give you LadderPoints even if they have no LadderRank.
7) AutoBalance: When this happens some players get eliminated and need to wait for 1 round more to join/play in there team. This should be only done in EndRound or just Before.

8) Documentation about ManiaScript/ManiaLink way of for Example: Chat, LiveMenu.

9) Callvote for a afk player to be put in Spectator modus.
Callvote: "Set AFK "NickName" in Spectator modus";
Or any other way if possible.

Last but not least: Let the community help you with the Tools ManiaStudio gives out.

with kind regards,

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by Kyb » 02 Jul 2013, 20:50

1. [SM/Weapon] Shaft !!! Which reduces the reload speed of ammo and stamina of the opponent you target in addition to the damage, and why not increase these reloads if you target an ally (Support weapon inside =)).

2. [SM/ManiaScript] Alowed to set different AmmoGain for each Weapon when using SetPlayerReloadAllWeapons(Player, True).

3. [SM/ManiaScript] Implemente Events when players regenerate their armor (with 1-8-3 and 1-8-4 blocks).

4. [SM/ManiaScript] Alowed to forbid the Armor regain with the attribute"Player.ArmorReplenishGain".

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by samp » 02 Jul 2013, 20:59

1. Remove "Chat hides itself after some seconds" from Trackmania2

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by djhubertus » 02 Jul 2013, 21:27

1. Fix old to create new
2. Netcode improvement
3. Add unreleased blocks from pre-alpha/alpha screns and trailers
4. Easier posibility to build bridge (i need something like red blocks but without super jump) and roofing / buildings
5. Grids at the castle block edge.
6. 3d styles in custom menu (title packs)
7. New Maniaplanet view like here
At the start we have 4 sections, TM, SM, QM and Custom
when we choose game, we see base (Storm, Cryo) and under title packs.

Q. Is it Maniaplanet for console ? ;)
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by SadHik » 02 Jul 2013, 21:41

1. Multi environment/game servers :oops:

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by wiidesire-2 » 02 Jul 2013, 21:46

1. Multi environment/game servers
2. Being able to save "browse server" settings even when you close the game ( e.g. gamemodes, the zone you're in, advanced filter settings)
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