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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by HaagseSmurf » 03 Jul 2013, 12:21

1) Insert possibility for servers for chat "old style" or "new style", or even more varieties such as an ability to set the dissapareance of the chat in seconds.
2) Topics like this one can help to improve Canyon, Stadium and Storm. But don't forget that improvements/changes in Storm can have a negative effect on Canyon and/or Stadium because those are different gametypes. The chat dissapearance is an excellent example of what can happen. Envi-specific improvements/changes should be implemented with a possibility to switch them off.
2) More blocks for Canyon (the amount of blocks added lately in shootmania makes most Canyonplayers jealous ;)
3) Multi-environment servers (it seems you are allready working on it but as long as it is not there its still a wish for us)
4) Position of players in rounds in Canyon and Stadium, nr 1 displayed as nr 2, nr 2 displayed as nr 3 etc etc (not entirely sure if it wasnt fixed in the last update but i have my doubts)
5) Keep up the good work because Maniaplanet is enjoying a lot of people day in day out. Sometimes you would think otherwise because of some complains in this forum. Most of those complains however are just ways of people to make the best out of Maniaplanet and shows there vision and passion to improve it. After all we love these games and we want to keep on playing them as much as possible. So stay on this path NADEO we love it! :clap:

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by Ozon » 03 Jul 2013, 12:43

1) Items in the Mediatracker (COMBO REPLAYS)
2) Camera path shown when using freecamera in the Mediatracker
2.1) Camera path, which is shown as blue/red lines are editable with the freecam (xyz axis, position, rotation, tangent)
2.2) Camera export (for AE e.g.)
3) Map editor; options like changing weapons in test mode, unlimited stamina .. etc.
4) TGYoshi wrote "Changing the concept of ManiaPlanet from title-based to mod-based."
5) TGYoshi wrote: "User interface/manialinks: Additional to the relative positioning system, an absolute positioning system (which should go hands in hands with the current relative one without problem) for better 2D graphics."
6) TGYoshi wrote "TrackMania car positions obtainable through maniascript (gamemodes)."
7) "Sort by" creation date, name, last opened/edited
8) Only show [ENVIRONMENT] maps / replays (option to tick)
9) Buddy chat: Screenshot of the current Maniaplanet viewport (should be openable; pop up maybe?)
10) Buddy chat: History function
11) Buddy chat: Send maps and replays! (And maybe skins)
12) Maybe a homepage in the Manialink which collects all avaiable manialinks on one page (as we had on tmf before) + a search engine!
13) A manialink wikipage. (tmtp:///wiki)
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by crado » 03 Jul 2013, 12:53

1. More news blocs for Canyon, Stadium and Storm. (especially "glass blocks" to make underwater tunnel)
2. My dream ! TM and SM in a same map (Trackmania racers drive during a battle between SM players) :thumbsup: (This is creativity, sharing, complementarity )
3. Announcement of a new environment
4. More ads for more Players on customs modes !
5. Other things than Antialiasing FXAA…
6. Multi environment/game servers
7. Info about QuestMania
8. Up to 100k servers for the timeattack modes
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by roppa » 03 Jul 2013, 13:27


- Definently: Castle floater (or any normal physic floating square floor) - This is something i miss alot. Powerjump blocks changes so much the handling and behave like special block, yet still forced to use for normal walkings and for regular pathways.

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by reaby » 03 Jul 2013, 13:56

Here's my wish list... not in particular order...
  • the new chat is disaster, for casual players is disaster, for pro players it's perfect!
    --> there has been a hidechat plugin available for xaseco and fast for atleast 5 years.. so could it be possible to implement this as main part of the default game ui ? the button could then change between the old and the new behaviour (which is semi-hide chat)?
  • change the numpad * behaviour to cycle between: full-ui, hide all serverside created manialinks, no ui
    --> some server admins just put every frelling ui plugin they can find, the view blocks with non-important stuff and there is no way restore the default ui, i can see again pro players enjoying this.
  • Fix server relays, relay server crashes when trying to start it
    (also there has been a bug... relay server should send the main servers map info when requested by dedicated controller)
  • Restore rounds-mode server callbacks, it's hopeless now.

I would also point out the postings what w1lla, tgyoshi, haagse and samp wrote.

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by AllanA » 03 Jul 2013, 15:23

My wish for Stadium and Canyon
1. A button in track editor to "unlimited block mix"
2. 3 or 4 (or more) different engine sound to choose between
3. I would like the old chat back

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by bryan1998 » 03 Jul 2013, 18:49

Exhaust flames for Valley please!

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by sabrisarioglu » 03 Jul 2013, 20:47

back up & restore feature for input settings.

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by BLiNNeMaNS » 03 Jul 2013, 21:34

1. stadium: groundsurface wallride entry
with the new floor to concrete block the blue floortiles are fun to use again, having access to wallrides adds to the fun

2. less .pak, more .zip
a lot of images and other files referred to and used by maniascript/webservices sdk and the maniaplanet namespace are hidden in .pak files. Customisation of titles/maniapages is quite hard this way. For example choosing icons, creating new fonts etc.

3. quicker escape from freeroaming mode in editor like it used to be
Escape - enter - enter is a lot quicker than Escape, move mousepointer to confirm - exit.

4. that nifty tool to create new movements through MT

5. oauth plugin for maniapress

6. cosmetic changes to gui to be optional
(through playermenu topright rather than forced)
for example 3 chat options: normal, autohide, hide

7. a normal brake (pedal) beside current brake (handbrake) in valley

8. smaller mediatracker triggers for stadium and valley
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3 - wishlist

Post by Wabbitface » 04 Jul 2013, 07:44

Shootmania / Maniaplanet related as I only play SM:
sorry for big post but I have never given much feedback before and I've played for a long time

1) Better Clublinks, Team page & competition 'Manager' (Check Dreammy's post)

2) In-game settings to be improved
- A lot of the settings look too simplified, e.g Crosshair bar could use a value, input mouse settings (sensitivity & Y axis don't really make sense to a new player.
- [Bug] When you click on interface settings your custom crosshair you set previously clears and you are left with default. This happens only the first time you click on settings and works every other time until you restart Maniaplanet. I usually go on these settings frequently to change crosshair size & team colours.
- add the option to clear cache in-game
-Maniahome even log could use with settings so you can filter irrelevant info such as whenever your buddy adds 'another buddy', 'Favourite Server' 'adds a server to mania exchange', 'bookmarks' etc. as this can be irrelevant to most people. (I don't use this as I have over 125 buddies and the log is full of them adding other buddies)

3) Buddy list & instant message
- in-game it seems chunky, try shortening the hight of each buddy, increasing the number that you can see. (I don't want to have to skip so many pages to find someone.
- add the option to delete buddy from in-game
- show the last 20 messages received from that player. I keep finding myself when I restart Maniaplanet that I lost what I last said to a specific buddy. [This could be a log-file added to the cache which can be cleared]
- reduce the size and the vertical padding between lines of text in instant messaging
- remove the resize function if you type too much in one line (looks really cheap)
- copy/paste functionality (please add this to in-game chat too while holding Left Alt)
- easy scroll with mouse wheel, please just make this more efficient to use, right now I prefer tabbing out the game and use an external chat program like Skype, TeamSpeak or IRC (in-game Steam seems better actually)
- Make buddy slots cheaper and add a discount when you buy the slots in bulk.
- When your buddies are full, please let the person know that they can buy the slots in bulk for a discount on the player page, have a link to the player page from there too)

4) Improved Rank & Ladder System
- I know very strict thing but I am not happy with it. (Pro teams never usually play public which means they only play on private and receive no LP. A high ranked player only shows public activity because of this reason)
- [Idea] Steal LP from players if you beat them, really this is not a bad thing, it doesn't have to steal too much but its better than the losers receiving 0 LP (Problem may occur if players already hit the LP limit 80K)
- Once lets say 100 players reach limit, their rank keeps randomising (I know there is a system behind it but please tell the players that in-game somehow.

5) General efficient navigation
-This is quite a big problem I'm finding, from launching the game to playing in a server
1: launch 2:Play 3:Login 4:Accept any notifications (buddies are annoying as I don't know most of players-names aka add more info on them rather than just their MP ID) 5: Select Title 6:Click Title 7: Multiplayer 8: Browse Servers 9: [numerous clicks Filtering]for searching please don't use the button to pop up a window, just make the text-box visible above the server list 10: Click Server 11: Click Join

OK so 11+ clicks is not bad but you have to consider the delay time between clicks. Server list Filtering could to be improved drasticly, like other games.
- Small improvement - If whenever there is a popup text-box that appears, please have it so the text-box is already highlighted so we don't have to click on it every time. This goes for passworded servers, search filter etc.
- Double clicking a Title does not open it, please make this a feature so I don't have to click them a 3rd time.
- Instead of using the mouse wheel to zoom out, change it so it scrolls horizontally like in Windows8 Start Menus (The reason is the title interface is very similar to the Start menus in Win8 & we don't need to zoom out)
- [Welcome to Maniahome] This does not act like a popup as it is intended, a lot of players ignore Maniahome because of this.
- Validation Code is a pain for most users, please remove or come up with another solution for other players (I know this might be a problem but this is a stressful situation for most players like trying to reset it.

6) Player Profile in-game Information
- Echelon status & level (make it small and the name 'Echelon' doesn't make any sense, over 5 people today asked me what this is, why can't they find out easily for themselves? Please don't allow players to be in a situation where they have to ask others or go on the Maniaplanet forums to find out things like this, there are so many things in the game that are weird :D)
- Description needs more space / Smaller Text so we can add a 'Description'.
- [Major Bug] Getting numerous bugs involving players with arenaplayerdefaultskin but appear to use camouflage or another skin.
- [Avatar] If not downloaded use national flag (having no avatar looks buggy) a very visible bug that everyone can see, I am surprised you haven't fixed it by now!
- [Minor] If last game recieved 0 LP please state why (lost, no hit-points or d/c) btw if someone times-out they don't get any LP even if they rejoin the game and finish it.

Other less important wishes:
- Long black notification bar in-game is the most distracting thing in the game, please do something about it like only have access to in when you press ESC (Like new most games). [visual bug]This also covers the Elite Timer now :(
- hit shot accuracy 'The three dot system' please remove it. I'm personally getting so much feedback and I know you guys as well on the complaints about if I shoot him perfectly from a distance, that player must be eliminated. Randomising things in competitive games can be a good thing but please not accuracy. Reward accuracy in this game, don't put it to 'rolling of the dice'
- Overall scaling of text is ridiculous in this game. Make it small (its like the game is supposed to be played on a tablet, an FPS oh dear!

- a problem is a new players first time playing elite, doesn't f2 or does but then follows up by a votekick because they stole some players spot. (If an Elite server has max players 8, when the map changes and there are 4 players in one team, it takes the spectator and puts them in a 1, 2 or 3 spot making it look like they are stealing a players spot in-game)
- mouse acceleration off by default (Why is this on OMG???)
- being rushed in elite, let new players know in elite they tend to be rushed because they are new. This is normal, unfair I know but normal.
- Matchmaking [First Impressions], If unpopular this makes the game look dead, players will close the game down soon as they see this. Smarter PC gamers will check Browse Servers
- [Tutorial] with bots with stages (practice & learn movement (why? because this game is different, teach players it, flick shot on guy (fix sensitivity) jumpads, railpads, capturing a goal etc
- Elite & Royal Free to play! I know it's planned so sorry for bringing it up!
- Support North American Tournaments!
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