Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by MPotK » 09 Jun 2014, 00:23

Hi all

I add to my wish list 3 other things :

- Possibility to set the numbers of projectiles needed to open a forcefield in the editors.
- Possibility to set the time a gate or a forcefield stay open.
- Enlarge the windows on castle blocks (for going trough more easily).

Bye & bon courage

PS : I don't update my previous posts because I think you don't read the topic from the begining each time you look at it.

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by jjaaperoloco2 » 09 Jun 2014, 20:44

Watch who's behind you in lap mode...

Why something that was in TMUF isn't in TM2? haha

Nice work with the update btw

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by Ozon » 10 Jun 2014, 13:54

Anyway, my wishlist:


- For the 50th time: Save Freecamera position before recording replays, so the freecam doesn't reset all the time! Video here!
- Stronger implementation of the Action Maker into the Mediatracker
- Set Gamemode/ Script for Replay recording in the mediatracker (Important: For movies it could be useful to have more weapons than only the rocket etc.)


- Possibility in Shootmania to set unlimited Stamina per script
- Map Editor: Weapon change in Shootmania enabled (Good for combo maps)
- Offzone is invisible underwater
- Offzone is ugly imo. 2 Changes to make the offzone a greater tool: 1. Custom textures (and presets like "electro", "lava", "toxic") and 2. higher res.


- The buddy chat is awesome so far. But what about sharing a screencap? Simply press a button next to the textbox and you can share a screencap of what you are currently doing.
- Huge suggestion: Microphone support. What if people could communicate by voice instead of text. No teamspeak required anymore! It can be regulated server side or by plugins. It would be a great feature since it is great for team-gameplay when you happen to play with people you don't know. For antispam you can just mute (all) players for the session or even disable voice communication and it will be shown for others. Both, Shootmania and Trackmania would benefit from this.
- Update the Ladderbar. Small suggestion, especially for Shootmania, since it would be nice to see the echelons next to it for example, a buddy ranking and some other little things.

Bugs to fix from my side:
- Homebutton in Mediatracker
more later^^

Anyway, to cheer you up, great work with the new little fix! The new serverbrowser from the stations is great!

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by TMarc » 10 Jun 2014, 20:20

Useless mess cleaned up.
TheBigMiike thanks for the translation :thx:
Please keep in mind this is a whishlist, not a discussion thread!
Hylis wrote:Anything that is not in the format of a clear top, with short lines, will be deleted. The goal is to provide a clear picture of what each player wants.
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by haenry » 11 Jun 2014, 14:16

Added this point at the top of my list:
#1 no racism between envmix. Every environment should be mixable with every car equally.
That I have to see wonderful Canyoncar/valleycar on stadium map not work anymore just hurts :(
It doesn't even make sense to block it. It's an irrational decision, which degrades the diversity of the game.
I'm really disappointed and a bit mad...
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by tm2eddy0131 » 11 Jun 2014, 18:28

tm2eddy0131 wrote:
tm2eddy0131 wrote:
tm2eddy0131 wrote:- Universal demo
- Tornado generator in sm royal editor for fixe fails
and quicker load of titlepacks (when we click on "enter")
and a 360 camera in editor
Maniaplanet 2 interface ? with options bouton in bottom
Just one nadeo server in almost modes (sm and tm²)
Possibility of fix level limit in elite for admin server (exemple : for a beginners server, level 0 to level 3 / expert server, 6 to 10)

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by Tom.K » 11 Jun 2014, 19:45

My wishlist:
- Full flexibility between all enviroments and modes (Play ShootMania on Stadium/Canyon/Valley or play TrackMania on Storm/Cryo) with blocks for specific environment which could work for every game mode and map type.

- Single design for all Title Pack interfaces (exception for in-game).

- Add locators on Player Page for skins and avatars for easier and direct download of skins and avatars instead of P2P (I don't have any open ports or router access.)

- Split Jump and Stamina input or offer input mechanism to both or split inputs.

- Unload stations.

- MediaTracker as an individual title to load map, import objects, ghosts and etc.

- Remove game music from Title Packs, put them in %GameData%/Music folder. In addition, create Music option in Settings where player can create his own playlist where will which song play and is player going to allow servers to play music from server.

- Offer player to attempt re-join full server until it's empty or create join queue.

- SM Single Player with bots in all modes.

- Active and properly updated ManiaScript tutorial and ManiaWiki. (I've tried some of them and all of them caused some sort of compilation failure due to "outdated" commands)

- Ability to play offline without any limits.

- Validate SM Player against suspicious activity (cheating).

- Offer password with more than 10 characters as a security measure. User is not warned about character limit.

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by tm2eddy0131 » 11 Jun 2014, 19:58

Tom.K wrote:My wishlist:
- Full flexibility between all enviroments and modes (Play ShootMania on Stadium/Canyon/Valley or play TrackMania on Storm/Cryo) with blocks for specific environment which could work for every game mode and map type.
Nice idea ! :thumbsup:

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by FrostBeule » 12 Jun 2014, 12:03

Remove blue/red check-point indications in the middle of the screen for Rounds/Team/Cup Mode - example - They were not present in these modes in TMUF/TMNF but were added for TM2. I'm perfectly fine with having them show up when playing Time Attack because then they actually are beneficial as the point is to try and set as fast of a time as possible, but in Rounds/Team/Cup Mode I think they only serve as a distraction and provides unnecessary information for the players, especially during competitive matches where you only want to know what position you are in during the rounds (which is why using HUD off is not a solution to this), and not how fast you are going which again is merely a distraction. It would be good to at least be able to toggle it off to provide a choice.

Minimize landing-bugs for Stadium - These happened a lot too in the previous Stadium game, but I've noticed they seem like they are even more frequent in TM2 Stadium which a lot of people are not big fans of. I think trying to change this to have it happen a bit less often would be a good thing for both casual and competitive players.

Improve spectator-mode - Especially the hot-keys just never seem to co-operate that well. Sometimes they just don't work at all or they randomly stop working during rounds which is pretty annoying when you try to cast a match.
Also for some reason when a new player joins the server, the camera automatically switches to that player instead of keep following the one you are currently spectating.
Lastly, if you want to have the camera in free mode during the rounds, you constantly have to keep adding it to free mode as it automatically goes back to spectating a player for each new round.

Solve lag-issue - When people join or leave a server from my experience it often creates a little bit of lag for people which is not pleasant, especially if it happens during matches/races. I'm not sure why this occurs but it would be great if there was a solution.

Add more customization and/or options for cameras when driving - For example I'm not a big fan of the current cam 2 for Stadium and would love to be able to adjust it to my liking.

Be able to toggle on/off the ghost with just 1 button press - this was possible in the old games, but now since there's one more phase with the ghost you have to press twice to remove it. During matches it can be useful to toggle on/off the ghosts to see how you're doing, but it would be much nicer if only one button press was needed.
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by dovahk1n » 12 Jun 2014, 15:26

If you really want Shootmania to be played as an esport game:

# Reduce the trilaser to a minimal value (to be able to hit someone 150m away, with 100% accuracy).

# Remove the snapshot system.

# Fit the hitbox better with the storman (including its movement, if you want a picture of what i think to tell me if it's possible, pm me).

# Promote a new mod to be played in competition, less random (more HP), more strategic (different weapon and/or classes), less boring (to be able to play every rounds, and not wait 1/3 of the time per game), maybe ask competitive players to create this mod or maybe create like a challenge to elect the new mod.

#Create a challenge for actionmaker: people will be able to propose their own weapons/moves, a jury will select few ones, and the community will vote for the best ones to be official in the game.

# Listen to pro players to improve your game (i mean, those who know what they are talking about because they are playing eSport for a long time).

You have few months to do that, before the release of UT. Of course, if you want your game to be more casual than eSport, do the exact opposite of what i said.


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