Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by arn22433 » 01 Jun 2014, 10:44

1. Advertising !!
2. More cash for online and offline tournaments
3. Ranking, depending of skill not of Match-Making play time

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by Hadzik » 01 Jun 2014, 10:53

- skins system like CS GO,
- in-game voice communication
- advertising game!!!!

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by sadzealot » 01 Jun 2014, 12:03

1) Fix the microstutterjump on landing in Shootmania. (A bug in the engine affecting movement everywhere)

2) Bring back bounce rockets as they were in B2, but tweak them and maybe add a "fire2"-button to use, but have them cost more ammo. A second firebutton will also make for some interesting design-possibilites for other weapons.

3) Make powerwalljumps a bit different and make it into a special move that can be performed on every castle wall that can be walljumped, not just on a special block. In order to balance this around maps, give mapmakers a paint-tool to paint sides of blocks with a different texture/colour to disable walljumps there. You MUST give mapmakers 100% freedom to dictate movement, anything else will force you to nerf every kind of cool move (like you've done in the last year you know?)

4) Go back and redesign walljumps. You've completely nerfed them into something lame and not fun to play around with. "oh look, I could wj one time to get to this block up here, so wow. so cool. so fun. Iknowrite?

5) Make it more fun

6) Stop ruining the fun of SM. And for the love of god, stop changing game modes without talking to people actively playing them. Every time you bring out updates to game modes, it's obvious you ruin parts of them that players enjoy. It is OBVIOUS from several examples that you are so out of touch with players you should either get more involved or just leave shit the f alone. (Siege ruined multiple times, Elite got ruined with "weapon selection on defence" etc. And the worst part is, you guys though all those changes were good. Seriously? Do you even play your own game?)

PS! Regarding 2 and 3: If you do this you bring a lot more creativity and tactical decisions to the player. Considering you are free to use both at all times (as long as you have ammo/stamina for it) you have much more freedom to be creative in terms of movement and tactical decisions on how to play.

But alas, it seems you only want us to be creative in making maps, cool videos for YT and game modes (Which you can't be that creative with considering the limitations you've put on variables that can be changed)

I just can't get into my head that you want to make the entire game block-based. It makes the game depend way too heavily on maps, more so than with my requested changes. Ofcourse, maybe that's what you want. It's not like game modes are already suffering heavily from good maps that are FUN, GOOD LOOKING (this is your requirement for maps Nadeo, but let's throw it in there for fun this time) & BALANCED.

But hey, you're gonna do the opposite of my suggestions anyway, you've said so on multiple occasions. I only write here in the hopes that others will agree on some of the suggestions and add them to the list. If enough did so maybe you'd realize that you guys over at Nadeo are the ones who don't understand what would make your own game better for the players. It sure has looked that way on multiple occasions and updates :(

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

Post by steeffeen » 01 Jun 2014, 12:34

  • Being able to #Include library scripts in manialink scripts Link
  • Fix CSmPlayer::UseAlternateWeaponVisual Link
  • Add a way to ignore chat input in a manialink script Link
  • Bug fixes and improvements of existing features instead of new features
    (Here are some hints where to start regarding scripts: Link
    But my request also applies to other stuff like mediatracker & the interface)
  • Car Mix in Stadium
    Game Mode and Title Pack Creator, Developer, ShootMania-Player & more

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    Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

    Post by djhubertus » 01 Jun 2014, 12:38

    Wabbitface wrote:1. Remove Titlepack system, have one universal server browser with all servers of all gamemodes listed, one universal Map Editor and when entered you select which gamemode you would like to create a map for while also giving the ability to change the gamemode halfway through creation. A Ranking page for all 'titlepack' gamemodes, such as Royal, Elite, Siege, combo etc.
    2. Better Maniaplanet UI / Menus Design
    3. Bring back old castle textures
    4. 3d frames on rolling demos
    5. Better support for custom weapons(Shooter points, sounds, notices)
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    Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

    Post by xxluke » 01 Jun 2014, 15:04

    1. Fix the high amount of bugs
    2. Implement some suggestions
    3. Better marketing (includes free Elite)
    4. No new environment before this!

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    Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

    Post by Alexey85 » 01 Jun 2014, 18:49

    Unified, good looking, slick design of all menus, buttons, etc. across entire MP.

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    Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

    Post by Xenome77 » 01 Jun 2014, 19:16

    1-Improve hitbox & hit detection some laser go trough or looks like it's
    2-Improve Railgun range like 125/150M (Reduce tri-laser or make physical limit)
    3-Make Elite Free we need more player
    4-Advertising and cash in competition like go4 was before.
    5-Good Team Matchmaking systems with nice hud in menus (not like lobby join server ally ... boring)
    6-Real ranking system with goal like ScII and not achievment in this just boring :? New player can come on the game and be really good but he have to play a lot before plays with highranks. Ranking have to be like your skill and not just playtime.
    7-Global chat system (Elite/Storm/Joust...)
    8-Better statistics system like you do with AR :)
    9-Bind for full wj/Progressiv wj
    1-Be more clear about future update

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    Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

    Post by MPotK » 01 Jun 2014, 22:41

    Hi all

    First of all, pardon my english

    -> ManiaPlanet :
    - Buddy buttons to join on server bigger,
    - Access to the editors from main menu,
    - More stations without paying planets, i prefer donate them to servers,
    - Last station played on screen when i quit and back to the game ( I'm not interrested by news),
    - In fact, stop with the stations and create a better & simpler UI to access all games / modes.
    - Access to the settings found on the starting windows in game.

    -> ShootMania
    - Weapons impacts decals with all shaders settings (including faster one)
    - Get back old textures & weapons effects,
    - Stop jumping in tunnels,
    - Restore old healing time for heal pad,
    - More precise Hitbox,
    - Telefrag, if it's not already possible,
    - Possibility to choose old or new school weapons effect in settings,
    - Possibility to set other players skin to default individually (to deactivate smurfs or minecraft skins i.e.),
    - Trap blocks & trigger (the player who had trigger the trap and eliminated another player is rewarded i.e.),
    - New gameplay blocks to improve the "skateboarding" aspect of the game, rail to grind for exemple or bowl blocks,
    - Some new gameplay block like classic teleporter (you just walk in) or a grapple block that tow you rapidly (on wall, on floor, ... like spiderman),
    - Some new natural blocks (trees, rocks, cliffs),
    - Some new wall blocks (diagonal wall i.e.)
    - Some basics objects, there are none in the editor (crate, wood bridge, ...)
    - Objects to "fix" on walls (poster, torch on walls, wall rings / chains or even graffitis) but without being a block
    - A new weapon usable on all modes,
    - Pack of goodies (few skins, horns, crosshairs), for the 1st year of shootmania,
    - Simple Ranking -> one for team modes, one for solo modes, one for Elite mode,
    - Less limitations for 100K server (amount of maps / players and Nadeo agreements for maps),
    - Lots of Stats (% of hit, kill/death ratio, ...)

    -> Editors
    - Documentations & tutorials for editors,
    - Possibility to choose between old and new textures (or texture color) with the block texture button,
    - Possibility to choose wich block overlap other (for texture and for effect associated),
    - Possibility to select wich team colored blocks are in fact team colored,
    - Possibility to turn off / change the grid snapping,
    - The possibility to re-assign properties for some blocks (wall jump to this one, get nucleus on this other one...),
    - Possibility to adjust the jumpers curves,
    - Possibility to choose map size and max height, in reasonable limits of course,
    - Possibility to select other background landscape & of course new landscapes (desert, rocky mountains, etc),
    - Raining day / night mood could be nice,
    - A cool tool could be a skin painter (to paint the back shield on the skin without editing the texture i.e.),
    - Cool idea (not mine) flames burn player (like on a healing pad in reverse for the gauge), extinguish it on water,
    - If flames burns, possibilty to start a fire when shooting on a non-flaming pot with a rocket.
    - easy to use triggers & blocks system for "dynamic" effects (lower a wall when you walk on a specific floor block or shoot this wall and it disappear i.e.)

    If any of the points mentioned above exist already, tell me and I'll edit my post

    Thanks for reading me.

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    Re: Maniaplanet Update #3.1 Wishlist

    Post by meuh21 » 02 Jun 2014, 19:29

    - Lightmap improvement : with big maps and items this beautiful game become... not so beautiful :?

    - Documentation
    - Bug : Sun through blocks : ... 93&t=27055
    - Bug : Tunnel lights through walls : ... 93&t=27219
    - Markers for custom CP to use in minimap
    - Bug : Titles mods aren't visible in multiplayer if you have these mods in you mod folder
    - .fbx to import vehicules
    - Possibility to force the car model in a title
    - Possibility to make our own material id with gameplay features (gravity in number one)


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